The Italian WaterMan | Storie della Calabria

For me it was let’s say love at first sight It’s not very difficult, I get up in the morning open my nice computer look at the weather forecast and I decide where to go surfing or windsurfing or kite or sup depending on the weather conditions I feel very lucky to be from Calabria because Calabria is surrounded by two seas ionian and tirrenian [sea], which allows me to play on more quadrants fact is that for disturbances that arrive from south, south-east and north we play on the ionian [sea] but when the disturbances arrive from north-west or from mistral we play on the tirrenian [sea] this allows me to train much more often and higher frequency compared to other regions like for example Lazio, Tuscany, Liguria and so on when you have to do with nature you really discover your true self I remember when I was little I saw my friend’s father glide for the first time windsurfing from that day I said – I have to do that! No further argument. In fact I remember my first attempts with a windsurf, I was 14 years old to lift those huge sails well, for me that was really a difficult task everybody watching would say: you can’t lift that you are too skinny you are too little, you’ll have to wait and grow, the sail is too heavy… I never cared about that, because when I decide to do something I have to do it, full stop. Therefore I went back day after day to try and to lift that sail until finally I succeded. Then, a little further in time I discovered the first surf crew in Calabria The Copa Bay Surfers they are my surf buddies who, one can say, introduced me to the surfer’s world. So let’s say that today I I practice kite surfing on a professional level windsurfing as an amateur while wave surfing and stand up paddle [sup] are useful for me to become better well, let’s say my technique in kite surfing on waves. Because, as everybody knows the religion of them all is wave surfing Everything started with [wave] surfing, so it is normal that when practicing [wave] surfing you are working on your technique for kite surfing because when you have to deal with waves a good [wave] surfing technique makes a difference. Especially in competitions. One of my dreams is really to see many more young people a lot more teenager get closer to nature and this kind of life and being maybe less close to the worldly life or the night clubs it is also because of that, that I chose to become a kite surfing instructor namely to bring as many people as possible close to this world and to make people enjoy nature from a different viewpoint. I am Tony Cili, The Italian Waterman, and I am here in the south of Italy, in Calabria. YO!

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