THE LONGEST SWIM across the Pacific Ocean

We all have childhood heroes when I was 8 years old I had two Spiderman and my uncle Ben Lecomte If he looks a bit tired it’s for a good reason he just became the first man to swim across the Atlantic Get this, he went out for a swim and didn’t return for over two months 3 500 miles to Quiberon, France 73 days later after swimming with sharks being stung daily by jellyfish and battered by 20 foot waves Ben arrived in France And now I hear you plan to do the Pacific? That’s correct 19 years later I’ve lost my hair but I still have my hero And we are going to embark you in our next adventure a swim across the Pacific Ocean Following the currents Ben will swim 8 hours a day and cover about 30 miles I won’t be alone My crew will guide me and host me every night They will track my position and make sure I will swim every inch of the 5.500 miles from Tokyo to San Francisco Our expedition is expected to last 5 to 6 months and now you may ask Why are you doing this? Why you are doing this? Why are you doing this? Why am I doing this? Swimming is my mode of expression It’s a way to engage people in something that is bigger than me So we started the preparations We met students, scientists, athletes and organizations to share this idea Together we worked on a plan to use the swim as a platform to learn more about our ocean and how to protect it So we are very interested in studying really the outer edges of human performance And Ben Lecomte’s swim across the Pacific certainly counts as that The Longest Swim gives us a really unique opportunity to do a time-series across the entire Pacific Ocean We will be collecting a lot of different types of data So I really expect that we’ll find some really interesting insights on how we directly interact with the environment and the environment interacts with us But we were still missing one big thing What’s the plan ? The plan is to buy a Challenge 67 steel sailing yacht Designed and built to go the wrong way around the world which is a stupid idea Equally stupid, is swimming the North Pacific Ocean And a few months later This is Discoverer Our next mission? Sail the boat to Japan and start the swim

7 thoughts on “THE LONGEST SWIM across the Pacific Ocean”

  1. Amazing how anyone can swim that length of time across our oceans anywhere in the world. I can never do it. Kudos to them

  2. Awesome swim.. 5,500 miles!! that's an epic event for swimming and long distance swimmers all over the world (and I know, I'm one).. thank you and good luck, we'll be watching.

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