The Master | Ballmastrz: 9009 | adult swim

[ Knocking on window ] Gaz: Ace. Ace, open the window.
Come on. [ Drowsily ]
Gaz? Open the window, Ace.
Let me in. [ Keypad beeps ] [ Distorted ]
Ace, listen to me. Don’t take this
the wrong way, but I really need
to suck on you for a bit. [ Screams ] Gaz, what in the name of Crayzar
has happened to you? [ Screams ] Suck! [ Hisses ]
Suuuck! What’s all the fuss about? Oh, oh, oh, hey, now. Well, congratulations. I guess dreams really
do come true, huh? I can never unsee this. Ew. I just barfed
in my mouth a little. [ Terrified screeching ] [ Screaming ]Help!
Get her off of me! She’s lost her mind! I’m gonna suck
the life from you! Help! Uh, guys, I think Ace
actually needs our help. Suck. Suck! The master commands it! Fan-freaking-tastic. She’s been huffing glue again,
everybody. The master?
Who’s the master? Yes, the master.
I do the master’s bidding. You all have to answer
to the master.

66 thoughts on “The Master | Ballmastrz: 9009 | adult swim”

  1. I wish they could get Carey Means AKA Frylock in this show. I hear he's basically unemployed ever since ATHF ended and he has a great voice.

  2. Gaz knocking on the window to be let in reminds me of the time my mom and her lesbian lover came home drunk from the bar, fighting, it didn't end well, I knocked my mom's GF off of her she got up and passed out in the tub face first, my mom yelled at me for hitting the GF, so I pretty much quit. Life in General.

  3. I'd never even heard of this. Pleasantly surprised to find out it's an actual show and not a commercial advertising Adult Swim.

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