The NeilPryde Glide Wind Foil Explained

Today we are here to talk about the NeilPryde Glide Wind windsurfing foils These foils are derived from The same family as the NeilPryde Glide Surf With just a few key differences. To really optimize the performance specifically for windsurfing It comes standard with a Powerbox adapter We also have the deep Tuttle box adapter available for extra purchase So it really covers any sort of range of foiling windsurf board on the market today These foils are perfect for Somebody who is just getting into the windsurf foiling game And really wants a floaty easy to use, friendly foil. Great for a first time user But at the same time, this foil is also optimized To progress with the rider So that the rider doesn’t outgrow the performance of the foil itself. Really easy take-off in a minimal wind condition With very minimal pumping But at the same time Really cruise over flat water or through the waves. Pretty much anything that you can really get into with foiling. One of the key differences between the NeilPryde Glide Wind and Glide Surf Is the length of the fuselage overall. We have moved the front wing a bit forward away from the mast And really under your windsurfing mast to really optimize Stability while on the foil. So the mast and the fuselage are made from aluminum. While the front wing and rear wing are made from a foam core Wrapped in pre-preg carbon. They are super light and very very durable. Really able to handle anything you could throw at them.

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