The next generation of big air snowboarders

We are here in St. Morvitz on the Corvatz with five outstanding young men
involved in the Next Generation Camp. Swiss coaches from the national teams
are here as well. We have a three-kicker line,
where the last one is a good step-over where you can try something out. I’m Simon Bürki.
I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Thun. My name is Dario Bruch.
I’m 17 years old and I’m from Buchrain. My name is Jonas Bösiger.
I’m 19 years old and I’m from Schwyz. I’m Michael Scherer.
I’m 17 years old and I’m from Spiez. I’m Lucien Koch, 18 years old
and living in Grabs. The young men we have here
are next-generation snowboarders. This is our next generation. Michael Schärer is
a little bit quieter by nature. ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪
He needs time to get things done,
but he is precise. He knows what he wants. He strives to get to the top. A session like that is great, of course. It is slushy and lots of fun. The park is really excellent, great work.
The snow is very soft, so it’s perfect.. Dario Burch is a quiet type,
maybe a little more restrained than the typical athlete,
but you can see he thinks a lot. I hope I can give the boys a lot
on their way, on various levels, including “back to basics,”
nice and simple tricks. Mä is a great inspiration of course. He’s one of those riders
we always looked up to. Lucien Koch, really a great character,
a strong will, someone who bites. As long as you haven’t gotten
to the world-class level, you can’t compete in the front
at major events, it’s about improving yourself. In Switzerland we don’t have
the opportunity anymore to train like this,
so we love this, of course. Herr Bürki has a good feeling for his feet. He really knows
the whole riding thing. He has always done a lot of snowboarding,
and not only in parks. Jonas Bösiger is for me right now
the prime example of a snowboarder. He has a super professional attitude,
and I think he is the rider who most knows what he wants. For me it’s very important
to drive a good session in the spring, in order to end
the season on a high note. I would say in four years
they will be leaders at the Olympics.

33 thoughts on “The next generation of big air snowboarders”

  1. wtf what kind of shitty music are they using , when i watch a red bull video especially i watch it because i expect to see cool stunts with good music in the background not gay ass japanese kpop shit

  2. A fantastic video, they are the future, I wish that these guys will represent the Switzerland and get a lot of medal for the onor of our nation

  3. I speak German and it took me a full minute to realize they were speaking a language that I understood 😀

  4. how does red bull find all theses young awesome snowboarders and how do they bring them to thses camps to train????

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