There is a window for the right this morning
Okay let’s go He says it’s really perfect The last on was sick It’s really big It’s tough to paddle He won’t catch this
one… I’ve never seen this place like this before I got this one I think you have a good shot, no? Board Direct! He seems rattled
It’s pretty heavy! It’s gnarly! Do you think your board broke right away or
’cause of the leash? It broke right away Oh god it’s wonderfull but pretty hard to make it… You have to take it way out the back You scream, get spat, get out Amazing, awesome Yeah Naum! Respect for paddling into this one That was a long one! You’re nuts!
So long! When I saw the set coming and I saw you start paddling I thought this guy is retarded
Something is wrong in his head

38 thoughts on “THE RIGHT TAHITI”

  1. Nice and quiet, just good surf and damn good surfing!….I'm glad hurley did'nt have some jingle they thought would be appropriate to toss in there!

  2. i have a question: how deep is the water where the wave brakes? are surfers sometimes touching the ground when they get whiped out?

  3. The surf breaks in about 2-3 foot of water over a coral reef. Yes they do hit bottom, and sometimes they get seriously injured. Google Keala Kennelly.

  4. That's way deeper than 2/3 foot, maybe 2/3 metres, if it was that shallow you'd see the boils all along the wave as it sucks off the reed

  5. que  perfeccion    de  olas  y   que  nivel tiene jony,  ojala  lleges   al  ct  algun   dia, pq   tienes   surf   de  nivel  mundial

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