The Teenage Quadriplegic Who Is Able To Surf For The First Time | Amazing Humans

We?re a surfing school for people who have
disabilities, or additional needs, learning difficulties
Our aim is to make surfing as accessible as possible for kids who wouldn?t ever get the
chance to go in the ocean otherwise. It?s pretty unique what we do.
The seated board was the first of it?s kind in the UK and probably in all of Europe.
I think that everyone should be able to surf. Do you want some toast?
Kai has cerebral palsy that affects all of his limbs, so he?s quadriplegic.
I do everything for him. You know, I have to dress him
I have to help him to feed himself. Kai needs one-to-one constantly.
Gonna go down and see Ben? Are we? We started off on a standard 12-foot surfboard.
You could tell he really wanted to be in the water but he didn?t feel steady and didn?t
feel safe We tried a few things and nothing worked really.
And then we tried Kai?s bath seat from home which then worked amazing. That?s how it all
started. Ben is one of them people that you would trust
your life with and him and Kai have got a lovely little bond. Just because he?s disabled doesn?t meant that
he doesn?t want to get radical and he really does. You know he loves it when we catch a
big wave or we get a big splash from the wave. Especially when we get wiped out and pushed
over he finds it hilarious. It?s the best feeling ever to see your child
so happy. You can forget about all the worries, all the hospital appointments and just for
that moment seeing him on them waves is amazing.

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