The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Japan Cheaply [Saving Money Guaranteed!]

You might think traveling Japan is
expensive. But is it really? Because if you know right ways and tricks, you can travel this beautiful country
with an incredibly small budget. So today, let me tell you how to travel
Japan cheaply! That’s coming right up! Hey guys, I’m Yusuke Nasu
and welcome to Japanesquest the channel that’s all about helping
you guys learn about Japan and enrich your trip. So, budget travel. Okay, let me divide it into 4 categories that are transportation, accommodation,
food, and shopping. Because these are the 4 main things
people spend like 90% of their budget. In each category, I’m gonna talk about
how to save money. So, let’s do it! 1. Transportation 1-1. JR Pass
Level: Easy Okay, let’s start with a famous one. JR pass is a rail pass that provides
foreign tourists unlimited use of JR company’s trains. If you plan on riding Shinkansen several
times during your trip, the JR pass is worth considering. It is a quite complicated pass, so I have
made another video dedicated to this. I will put its link in the description
below. 1-2. Long Distance Bus
Level: Medium OK, JR pass is cool, but it is still
expensive for budget travel, isn’t. In that case, I suggest long-distance
buses. They are much more affordable than
Shinkansen, and they run through most of the major
cities. Plus, you can sleep on a night bus, which
can save your accommodation fee too. If you buy Japan Bus Pass, it gets even
cheaper. For more details, again I have made
another video dedicated to this. So, check it out! 1-3. Low Cost Carrier
Level: Hard The longer the distance is, the more
likely flights are cheaper than trains. In particular, if you are visiting
Okinawa or Hokkaido, Low Cost Carrier is probably the best
choice. We have several LCC companies in Japan. And you can cross-search them on
the website Skyscanner. 1-4. Seishun 18 Kippu
Level: Ultimate Okay, this is the hardest one. Seishun 18 Kippu is a rail pass that
allows you to ride all the local and rapid JR trains throughout Japan for
about 20 dollars per day. If you have a lot of time and limited
budget, this is your best friend. One ticket is valid for five days,
and sold only during certain periods. Again, this is a very difficult and
complicated pass. But if you are up for a challenge,
I recommend you to check these websites. 2. Accommodation 2-1. Airbnb
Level: Easy Okay, let’s start with an easy one. Airbnb is a website that enables people
to rent a room or a house. If you travel with 3 people or more, renting a whole house is often cheaper
than staying a hotel. If you have never used Airbnb,
today is your lucky day! Because you can get a 20-dollar coupon
by signing up from the link below! Plus, I am renting out a traditional
Japanese house in Kyoto. So… you know. You know, right? 2-2. Capsule Hotel
Level: Medium Airbnb is good for a large group of
people. But if you are solo or couple,
a capsule hotel serves you well. It is kind of like a guest house,
but much more private and comfortable. You will be assigned a pod-like room for
sleep. You can put all your luggage and
belongings in a locker. And they usually have a large common room
and public bath where you spend time until you sleep. 2-3 Manga Cafe
Level: Hard During high season, even capsule hotels get booked out or
become insanely expensive. That’s when the Manga cafe comes in handy. It is originally a cafe where you can
read a bunch of manga, but you can also use it as a place to
crash. They also serve simple dishes and free
drinks, so you can basically live here for a
while. And if you like manga, that’s a plus 🙂 2-4. CouchSurfing
Level: Ultimate CouchSurfing is basically a free version
of Airbnb where you can find homestay accommodation. Host are usually nice and kind who are willing to experience new things
and to interact with their guests. But there are always a few who are shady,
suspicious, or who have an ulterior motive. So my best advice is, read their reviews
and screen them carefully. Once you find a suitable host, send a
personalized message, and be respectful. 3. Food 3-1. Conveyer Belt Sushi
Level: Easy When visiting Japan, one kind of food
everyone wishes to eat is Sushi, which is usually expensive, but not
necessarily when you eat at a conveyor-belt sushi. It is a restaurant where the plates with
the sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt and pass through all the tables. Usually, you can eat 1 plate for
1 dollar or so. And as you see, they reduce the cost by
using technology and being efficient, so the sushi itself is quite good for its
price. 3-2 Supermarket (at a discount)
Level: Medium If you prefer to eat at home,
let’s go to a supermarket’s food corner. A little trick here is, if you go there
after around 8 pm, you can often find food at a discount. Because they rather sell the food on
the day than throwing them away. 3-3. Cafeteria in a Univiercity
Level: Hard The most overlooked place is a cafeteria
in universities. Some of them are not only for students
but also open to the public. Since plates here are originally for
students, they tend to be healthy, inexpensive
and has a large portion. Also as a bonus, you can see and
experience how locals live. 4. Shopping 4-1. 100 Yen Shop
Level: Easy If you want to buy a souvenir,
let’s go to an 1-dollar shop, or as we call it, Hyaku yen shop. Just for one hundred yen, you can find a
variety of high-quality goods. In addition, often 1 dollar shops in
Japan are adjoined to a drugstore, which is a great place for inexpensive
cosmetic souvenirs. 4-2. Don Quijote
Level: Medium If you prefer items that are weirder,
and… well let’s say more Japanese-like, Don Quijote is your best option. There are so many items sold here. And Don Quijote have an exquisite taste
of weirdness. It is different than any other store. You can easily spend a half day inside
this shrine of weirdness. 4-3. Flea Market
Level: Hard If you are looking for one of a kind
stuff, you may find it at a local flea market. Flea market sellers in Japan usually
don’t rip off so much. So you can feel safe and enjoy shopping. By the way, I introduced 3 best flea
markets in Kyoto in another video. So be sure to check that! Okay, today’s recap. There are the things
I suggest for a budget travel in Japan. In addition, I want to advise you to
avoid these periods. These are the local holiday seasons, and every place gets so crowded
and so expensive for not any beneficial reason to foreign
travelers. For more details on this, I will soon create another video called
“When is the best to travel japan?” So be sure subscribe. Because I would not
want to miss it. Okay, that’s it for today. I am Yusuke Nasu and thank you for
watching Japanesquest.

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