The World is Full of Good People!

Rob Greenfield has a simple idea, that people are good and the world is a good place. So he decided to put his idea to the ultimate test by flying one way to a far off place with No money, No credit card No cellphone. Not even a toothbrush. Just the clothes on his back and a passport. Mainstream media portrays the world to be a dangerous place. A place that you should fear and Rob is out to prove the media all wrong. He landed in Panama City, Panama 4,700 miles and 7 countries from his home in San Diego, California. With no camera of his own He made this film with the cameras of people he met along the way. He worked odd jobs to earn money for border crossings, travel and food. To start, he collected cans and sold stuff he found in garbages. He worked on organic farms in exchange for food and bed to sleep in. He foraged in the wild for food, ate food that other people wasted, and shared meals with the generous people that he met along the way. He stayed with people he met through sharing websites like Couchsurfing and WWOOF. and stayed with complete strangers that he met traveling and from social media. He hitchhiked and took buses and even walked part of the way. Dozens of people picked him up on the road side and enjoyed taking part in his adventure. Generous and kind souls gave him food places to sleep and they insisted on getting nothing in return. He always tried to give more than he received because money is just one form of exchange. By traveling with no money it took him to places and introduced him to people he never would have seen or met in any other way People showed him that we need a lot less to be happy and healthy than we think and that by living simply, we can live freely. His happiest moments were those when he could help others that he met He arrived back in San Diego 37 days later with just 10 cents in his pocket. 28 people used their cameras to make this documentary. When he got home all he could think is People are good Subtitles by the community

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  1. Absolutely spectacular! This is so beautiful and so far from ever being possible in my life. At least I can watch someone else make the fantasy come true. You are beautiful Rob. Much Love and Peace to you 🙂

  2. people are awesome! I am leaving on my bike from Los Angeles to Argentina in two weeks. I can't wait to meet all the amazing people! thanks for the epic video!

  3. We need to see our commonality and connection. We all want to give and receive love but we forgot. We are taught to look for love in things rather than each other. Posts like this help us remember. You put yourself out there, you entered the abyss, this is the adventure and the bliss.

  4. The world is a very dangerous place; but most PEOPLE are good. Islamism is dangerous, most Muslims are not. Anytime you break things down to individuals, we all want to be good; but people need to eat, people need shelter for themselves and their family.
    Some people are greedy, some are just hungry, most want to be good; but that depends on what the definition of good was when they were brought-up.
    Some ideologies are dangerous, and if you're brought up in one, thinking it's good, well that probably makes you bad by other's definition.
    I agree with you in a lot of ways; but don't delude yourself. Your experiment was very interesting and perhaps more people should do something like this; but some will die in the process.
    TLDR: People are good, groups are dangerous.
    Edit: This world would be better with no borders, nor religion. A world where we all lift each other up, rather than trying to obliterate the enemy. Hopefully we'll get there.

  5. It's really wonderful and happy to see, let love connects everyone in the world… Hope someday you can visit India…

  6. Awesome! Rob, for me, you are such an example of how if we trust in Higher power (nature is one aspect of that power) then we dont need to fear anything but accomplish anything. Many people just spend their life for creating basic security but lose themselves in the process, but if we have faith that people can be good, and work for a life beyond superficial then life is awesome. Because its not that everyone you found were helpful or nice to you, but its your faith and vision that kept you going. So you didnt quit when someone was not nice, but you went on. I admire your resilence. With a good heart and faith we can not only survive but do amazing things for humanity.

  7. lol people are good 🙂 that is some wishful propaganda for naive people

    I dont want break your bubble or to sound like a pessimist or a hater but rather a realist. Take a look around, I work with people every day and dont trust almost no one and there are many good reasons why! Dont be naive. People might look good at first glance, like going on a trip, but when you get to know the inside of us than you see the real face of humanity!

  8. We watch the news and get the idea that the world is a horrible place. That's because we won't watch news about how good most people are. It's boring. In fact, I am typing this comment instead of watching the video.

  9. Hello friend Rob, really congratulate you on this noble initiative to live in a more sustainable, less commercial and more humane world. But still you have a very commercial and capitalist mentality, in one of his video manisfesto to live on $ 4 a day, but in my country, Venezuela; the average monthly salary of 60% of the population amounts to $ 18 monthly, monthly yes. That is, you living on $ 4 a day still has a life of opulence, compared to 60 cents daily average Venezuelan. So I invite you to live outside the United States, to know the most sustainable way of living with very, very little money. If you feel that I am rude, I apologize.

  10. Bueno, por lo menos usted puede comer 4 dólares diarios, aquí en Venezuela tenemos que comer con 60 céntavos de dólar diarios. Usted esta comiendo un verdadero banquete con esos 4 dólares diarios. Por eso lo invito a Venezuela, para que coma con menos de un dólar diario. En su país se come y se vive muy pero muy bien, por mas pobreza que exista en Los Estados Unidos. Salga de la opulencia de su país, y venga a Venezuela.

  11. Hi, I saw this video on Facebook from UPworthy and I have some thoughts for you.

    1. People in poorer countries such as Panama and Nicaragua would not be able to do this in the reverse. If they came to our country with no money and no real job, just hoping someone would house them—they would be jailed and deported at best.

    2. Muslim/Middle eastern Refugees, in fact experience the worst discrimination, after thy have walked and risked their lives to get to a safe place.

    3. A woman doing this would risk shame from her community and sexual assault. You have less risk that these things will happen because you are male.

    4. Now, you are making a career out of this- for what?? What does this video do for the community that took care of you?

    5. Did you speak English to everyone or do you know Spanish?

  12. Everything you do inspires me. I hope to spread your words on Monday when I show my successful person project to my class. This trip you went on is just amazing, it makes me want to do it too but I feel like a female would not have such a successful trip. Did you run into any hardships during this trip?

  13. Yes Rob, I couldn't agree more. I backpacked across the USA, Canada into Alaska and found good and sweet people who were always generous. I also walked completely Barefoot as you do, and I still live a completely Barefoot lifestyle.

  14. This is wonderful. But pls note a single woman's experience would be different, and a white guys experience of the world is just that – a white guys experience of the world. This is what it was like FOR YOU.
    I agree, people are good. But they can also be bad. I prefer to live in reality.
    Yes, I have traveled alone in different countries and still do. Yes, I am a woman.

  15. According to the world of God we are not good. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins according to the scriptures. He was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures.
    Rob is doing something good, but he still needs the Lord Jesus Christ to save him from his sins like we all do need him.
    The Lord Jesus Christ commands us to repent and believe the gospel.
    Thank you Rob.

  16. very cool. thank you. my ridiculous algorithm recommendations has been stuck in crazy people freak outs, rage fails, antifa losers , bullys ,haters and hollywood jackass psychology. i agree theres far more good and better people in the simple world that should be promoted on youtube

  17. Hi Rob, i just discover your videos. That's really cool… This summer i decide to make a trip with the same minde.. i post last week the trailer off my journey, i let you see it.. 😉

  18. This is absolutely fantastic ROB, thank you so much for sharing and spreading the good vibes with the world.

  19. Thought I would share this website I developed. I grew up in the waste business and I have been a fan of dumpster diving all my life! I really love what your doing Rob for the community. Our one of the reasons I launched this website. Have a great day!

  20. Congratulations for what you fighting for and defend.
    I wish I could do as you do, detach me from the constraints and be in agreement with nature and the world around me.

    Thank you for this great experience that you share and good luck for the sequel. Merci à toi Rob 👍🏼

  21. Brilliant, Rob! Keep doing your amazing work and adding waves to the ripple which is helping make the planet a healthier, happier, more humanly-connected place… :o)

  22. I don't expect anything in return for helping people. It has gotten my feelings real hut helping family though. Can I have a witness.

  23. You can see a similar example in the film " weit " it's made by a German couple who moves without using a plane around the world. You should see it!

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