This 81-Year-Old Woman Is a Rollerskating Queen

(upbeat disco music) May name is Edna Davoll; I live in Bronx, New York and I’m 81 years old. One of my favorite things to do is roller skating. I started as a young girl in Columbus, South Carolina. At the time, the rinks were segregated so we had a particular road in Columbus, South Carolina that we would skate during the Christmas holidays. During that time they were the metal skates with the key and you could adjust it and adjust the skates to your shoe; and it was rough, but we didn’t realize it ’cause we never skated on anything else. Back in 1980, the rinks were filled to capacity, music was good and everybody had good attitudes and was there to enjoy. We would go four and five times a week because they had so many skating rinks at that time. Currently, I try to go at least twice a week. When I’m skating it’s such a joy. It’s like your heart rate goes up and you feel like you had a good workout afterwards. Unfortunately, so many rinks have closed down within the last ten/fifteen years. I just hope somewhere along the way that some organization will come and re-open some of the rinks for the younger kids, so that they can have the pleasure that I had. I’m gonna go until I can’t go anymore. (audience clapping and cheering) Please welcome the Queen of the Rink, Edna. (upbeat disco music) (audience clapping and cheering) You look good. Hey baby. Oh You’re adorable. Now what do you get our of skating that keeps your groove? It keeps me groovy; it keeps me moving; it gets my heart rate going; when you leave the skating rink you feel like you have no worries in the world. Right, ’cause you’re on a natural high. (audience clapping and cheering) Natural high. Natural high. Natural high. I adore you Love you. We have little surprise for you. We want to keep you rolling so, Impala Roller Skates is hooking her up with the most tricked out, look at these, the most tricked out skates like ever. (audience clapping and cheering) They have light-up wheels, they got leopard print, they got any color you can think of. Oh, you’re kidding. The whole rainbow. You’re gonna look like hotty! Hotty! (audience clapping and cheering) (twinkling sound)

24 thoughts on “This 81-Year-Old Woman Is a Rollerskating Queen”

  1. GO Edna!!!! You Rule the Rink! Rockin the Roxy Rink!!!!! One more thing – she hoops and skates!!! Mad Skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One more reason everyone should skate! It keeps you young. She certainly doesn't look her age…and when people see me at the rink, I'm usually with my younger 3 daughters…they're shocked to learn my oldest is 23. (He turned 23 in early January, I turned 46 in late January.) Can't wait until tomorrow. It's glow night at my local rink…and we always do the Saturday afternoon session, plus often on Sunday's, too. πŸ™‚ You're NEVER too old to skate…nor are you ever too old to learn.

  3. Edna you are amazinging! I loved going to the skating rink when I was younger, late 70's we went every weekend sometimes we went to all night skating really fun.

  4. I'm 75 now been skating till 40 or so but last year orderd a set of skates, practiced in my garage a few times oh boy is that hard on the muscles and I'm not overweight problem is

  5. Ops hit send to soon but I'm in Mexico and no place to skate wish I had some inspirational people here to get me of my ass but they do have some great concrete parks here,

  6. I live a couple of hours north of this truly inspiring woman. It would be so great if there were more roller rinks. After our local rink closed, the closest rink is now a one hour drive from us. Rinks provide people with a fun place to go and keeps kids off the street.

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