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[Music] my name is Karina I’m from Germany I’m a journalist and traveling around in my van we spend a lot of time surfing and enjoying life here in beautiful Portugal I bought him two years ago and I build it up with my dad took quite a while like how the year and I guess the process when you build a van the process is never finished this is now our second road trip like really long road trip together been on a couple of road trips but this one is I guess the longest one this year I’m not really too sure about it what it is but there is something in this place that is kind of yeah kind of magic for sure it’s it’s the waste that is definitely it’s definitely about the waves or really like the mellow longboard waves you get here a lot of times a lot of days of really really good surfing days and there is some kind of spirit around here in this place which I can’t define you know it just gets you [Music] [Music] it started two years ago when I was travelling in Indonesia and I went to Australia and then I had so many stories in my head that I wanted to tell and I didn’t you how how I should do that and so the idea came up to run like a Travel Magazine which I started with a friend of mine and we found out the surf magazine salty Souls yeah and so I got the feeling that I really like writing and telling stories and that’s how I got into journalism and then I decided to study journalism to get more into it and now I’m a journalist writing neighborhood surfing and living in the car sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m like wow how do I manage everyday and how do I survive but it always works out the thing is just that you never have a lot of money and I guess I get paid with waves and Sun a lot of road trips so I get more freedom instead of money when you start living in it in the van you are a bit scared but after a while you get comfortable in your van and you know that you are in a real safe place because you can drive away if something happens so just get in the front and drive away you

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