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I’ve always made drawings… I paint ever since I was a kid.
But from the beginning it was never to show. I’ve always loved the sea and motorcycles,
so when I was a kid I used to sketch motorcycle parts and waves with charcoal pencils. Posca was in Praia de Ribeira d’Ilhas
in the Grom Search event and back then I used to ride my motorcycle a lot
and I wanted to paint my helmets but without messing the whole house. I started painting this small card board, just to try it out
and at the end a Spanish woman approached me and said she wanted to buy the board.
I told her that it wasn’t for sale, but she insisted and ended up buying the board. Meanwhile, there was a Portuguese artist painting
who had been invited by Posca and the guy from Posca Portugal came to me
and asked me if I wanted to paint a bit while I was there. By the end of the day, I was painting boards
to people that were just passing by. This was on a Saturday and I was invited to paint the next day.
When I arrived there was a cue of people with boards to paint and it was from that moment on
that this started moving forward. Nowadays, I work both with motorcycle and surf
and they complete each other and it’s very positive. [Presenter]My not less important friend, a great illustrator,
tattoo artist and apparently drummer:
[Presenter]Nuno Draws!I’m a drummer. Just like everything in life, this a process.
There was a period of my life when I wasn’t so focused on drawing, I was more connected to music.
I had several bands playing all over the country. And this was something that full-filled me a lot.
It didn’t give much money, in Portugal it never gives. But in a personal level,
it was something I really enjoyed and people liked it. Just like a tattoo artist, where you bring your idea
and he tattoos your skin with his personal touch. I do the same with the surfboards, helmets, motorcycles, skates.
That’s exactly what I do: Usually I don’t say I paint,
I say I tattoo objects. Even if people think it’s not much,
what I’ve accomplished so far is a lot to me. I never thought I could accomplish so much and
having people from abroad ask me for my drawings… I never imagined. This is not my main job. I work with IT and secretariat.
And I have to go to “war” everyday so that I can help sustain my family, because
if I lived only of Nuno Draws all of this would have ended by now. It’s a constant fight, but I always wear a smile on my face,
because besides doing what I love I have those I love by my side.

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  1. This was amazing to watch! The detail is awesome! This is one really talented artist! 🙂

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