she asked me what my last name was its … ohhhh Ohh no Good day Buenos Diaz Good day Goooooood Daaaaaaaay alright guys so I’m not going to be able to top yesterday’s vlog today there was just a lot of cool cinematic things happening yesterday but I’m going to do my best to incorporate as much cinema in these vlogs as possible because it is something that I enjoy doing and it seems that you guys like it as well but this morning I had to say goodbye to my good friend johannes I guess this is goodbye, goodbye johannes bring it in bring it in gonna miss you bro
-gonna miss you too how am I gonna get in shape gonna lose all the gains I was a very sad goodbye I’m not gonna see him for a couple weeks he went back to Austria to surprise his family for the holidays I’m gonna be leaving on Sunday for new york and then ill be going back to Ohio for the holidays to see my family and then as I mentioned in a previous vlog I’m thinking about going to Hawaii for the new year why not get some more cinematic stuff these next couple of weeks are very busy fo me with travel and work but the traveling makes for good vlogs so I can’t wait to show you those today I’m going to head downtown Los Angeles to an ice skating rink to an Instagram ivent it should be a good time I’m gonna meet up with my friend Peyton but enough of that jazz let’s get the day started ok right now I’m in a bit of a hurry the instagram thing started at 2 which was half an hour ago i have not eaten yet because i was up all morning edeting the vlog from yesterday took me a lot of time because of the cinematic shots and the transitions they take a minute to do let me tell yall but right now I’m going to get a gains bowl, I know it’s not the best thing to have right now but I haven’t eaten and I don’t have time to sit down or make myself a meal so Gains alright my uber is like 5 minutes away still, so ima start eating the ehm.. the gains alright he’s here Mark? how you doing Mark?
-yea whats going on buddy? alright just finished my gains bowl about 5 minutes out from I think the staples center its like a downtown area and I haven’t really ice skated since I was in hight school and I played hockey but you know, some talent you’ll never lose alright were pulling up to the staples center now were the Los Angeles lakers and clippers both play it’s been a while since I’ve been downtown but I like coming down here I love the city vibe reminds me of new york a little bit but a lot slower alright thanks homie
-alright brother no problem Pound it, pound it
-have a good one Take it easy alright so I just arrived now it’s time to find Peyton Peyton where are you? singing: where are you, Peyton? Peyton! ok I found my dearest and future wife Peyton
-(laughing) oh my god (imitating her) stop it!
-stop it. this is great I know like everyone here are you guys living? (guy in red shirt) look who has arrived
(girl in green) Maaaark! Stop it I feel pressured putting on the hockey skates for the first time since hight school they’re a little big, but whatever let’s talk about fashion right there, yes alright its time to step on the ice for the first time (That’s one small step for man… one… giant leap for mankind) yes yes yes
-I’m so good at this (Guy in mickey mouse shirt) he doesn’t need milk, that was fire bro! there is always that one mother****** that want to show off he was bullied in hight school and now he’s like it’s my time he’s coming here with blue ass skates and skirt me alright these skates are super bad but I still got it I still got it in me oh my gosh look at this beautiful Christmas tree back in the vlog.. almost fallen over are you bad at skating?
-these skates suck I thought I was really good there are horrible right?
-ya she even sais that they are bad alright since it’s so scenic and beautiful and Christmassy you know there is only one thing left to do right now cue the cinema ok I lost my jacket cause it’s really hot right now but this brings back some serious childhood memories, well hight school memories and childhood so, guys, I had a pond in my backyard when I was a kid right, it will freeze over in the winter being in Ohio and we will go out there from sun up to sun down just play hockey and ice skate I only fell in once its okay get outside guys, go have some fun while you can obviously, after you watch my vlogs you saw it here first I can touch my nose with my tongue
– oh what? serious talent the guys right here, professional ice skaters I can tell you guys got good skates on
-we got them from over there shut up
-they didn’t give you the good skates you guys are lying
-you had to say please oh they got me these shitty skates and they got these good ones savage you are actually really good you going backwards while filming
-Nah they don’t know that so this whole time Peyton thought my last name was doner and she just asked me what my last name was its…. oooh
-oh nooo i hope i caught that anyways I just told her my last name is dohner, guys, dohner my fans are called the dohnators to the dohnation and I am an dohner also, guys I’m gonna go backwards really quick I’m an ice skater, I’m an ice skater it’s starting to rain right now so I’m gonna put the camera down and head out I don’t know what the rest of the day has to offer, I probably go do some stuff at the grove get some cinematic stuff for you since it’s the Christmas season but lets get in the spirit guys these ice skates are been killing my feed finally coming off don’t wear ancle socks, oh she got them on too, with ice skates it’s a bad idea now i have blisters boomerang, oh no its a photo okay were gonna take a boomerang now, he’s gonna take it, mister Instagram himself guys, I can’t actually juggle I was just doing it for the boomerang purposes because you can’t actually tell that i couldn’t juggle but only you guys know that, shhh alright, so I’m with Hanna and yesterday she went paintballing and check out these bruises look at that look at that she got hit freaking hurts
-wasted goodbye Christmas tree, goodbye ice rink goodbye cute security guard
-goodbye beautiful people (Car alarm going off) alright, I just got to the grove and guys it is raining in Los Angeles look at these spots of rain on the car why you gotta rain in Los Angeles I’m not want to complain it only rains like 5 times a year here and we need it, so I’m glad that it’s raining but its gonna be hard for me to cue some cinema out there I don’t want to get my cameras wet but I’ll see what I can do for you guys and I need to eat some dinner, so, you ready?Hanna!
-so ready the grove look at this wetness guys okay Hanna and I just sat down were gonna get dinner at this Italian restaurant I’m waiting for my friend mike from yesterday to do some cinematic stuff we are gonna go over to lacma there are a lot of cool lights over there and also do some cinematic stuff here at the grove okay the food just came, I got chicken with broccoli and these potatoes I can’t have the potatoes and also got mushrooms a little thing you guys should know about me, I always get mushrooms to sprinkle on top oop there goes some… sprinkle on top of my meat Hanna got some lentil soup (ironic)love soup, so fun joining me now. mike himself good to have you here put it there this is the cutest thing ever that was the cutest thing ever, the little boy was just watching those people play the music and was lost in the music it was awesome jo this rain is messing up my hair hey
-hey, you want to try this on?
-yea put it on okay it had to scrape off the makeup that those little girls rub on my face crazy! woman are crazy let me tell ya but right now were leaving the grove because it’s raining pretty bad were gonna stop by lacma look at the lights because mike has never been there and naturally as a tourist he’s gotta see it okay we just got to lacma you guys have probably seen this in friends with benefits and probably in bunch of other movies it’s really cool it’s just a bunch of lights look at that shot okay I found a little bit of shelter for a second but here is the view of lacma form the wide so cool right? so right now as you can see its soaking wet, look at my hair it’s messy I gonna put my camera away cause it’s really wet and I don’t want to break it and have some kind of shortage or whatever cause I got to make these vlogs for you guys so the camera is going down till we get back to the car but check out this flames photo right there shoutout to my man mike, he takes the “flamsest” photos ever. is that a word? “flamsest”? he sais ace. what does that mean again? :it’s great/it’s good in London they say when something is dope instead of saying dope they say “ace” it’s pretty hip and festive but guys go give him a follow on Instagram
-thanks guys how many did you gain from yesterday?
-like a thousand let’s get him 2 thousand and comment that the dohnation send you on his last photo alright I just got back from lacma and while I was at the grove I bought this game it’s called “picture this” so apparently it’s a close up picture of an object and then you have to guess what the object is does that make sense? I don’t know Logan and I are gonna play he’s been gone all day, I been gone all day We are gonna play!
-we are gonna play! I’ll flash the pictures on the screen for you guys I don’t know how to play it mark didn’t you hear what I said?
-no, I wasn’t listening I don’t listen to things you say Mark, look at the house bro, it’s dirty and shit I have no idea about that clean life Why did you buy a game?
-I don’t know Are you seven Mark? alright wait I’m gonna show them first and then show you alright, wait I don’t even know what to do bro alright so here’s what’s happen, so there’s is a picture like so its a close up of something you have to guess what it is and on the back of the card, it tells you what it is so, guys this here is the first photo This is one hundred percent a meever
-it looks like a date the answer is…. …raisins damn it but you were close
-so that’s what it is. it says the wide and what the answer is that was close it looked like a date next photo I already know what it is and I know for a fact I know what that is Gum! Nop, raspberry I’m not even look, I already know what’s it? … yap yap raspberry? Yea that’s a raspberry cause alright here’s the next one Sugar! Uhm pollen! …Rice ahh damn it it’s a cool game tho
-yea it is a fun game here’s the next I know what it is, it’s a honey cone
-I’m gonna guess gluten gluten what ? Ridged crisps oh yea ridged crisps relatable okay last one because this is taking a while A rubber band ball you got it
-its gotta be yap, rubber bands Logan is a savage he got two Thanks for playing logan jo thanks for inviting me Mark, you’re game is actually pretty fun
-it’s a fun game but we are not gonna film everything Dohnation that’s gonna do it for today’s vlog I posted the picture we took in yesterday’s vlog, there it is right there leave a shoutout on the Instagram page also, we hit six hundred thousand followers on Instagram whaaaat ? I wanna give a big thank to all of you guys thank you all so much for watching as always especially my girl Adna all the way in Bosnia watching from complete across the world that is insane smash the like button, leave a comment down below if you guys enjoyed this video I’m sorry it had to rain to cut my cinema short but there ist more cinema coming and until next time…. …dohses!



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