Tips for Scuba Diving & Gear : Components of a Scuba Diving System

Hi this is John and we’re going to talk
more about the scuba unit. The unit consist of the tank, the BC and the regulator. The
BC stands for Buoyancy Compensator and what that will do is when the diver is at depth
he will be able to adjust his buoyancy up or down. Also at the surface the diver will
be able to stay at the surface comfortably and make the return swim back to the shore
or to the boat and not have to worry about kicking to stay afloat. The tank, as you can
see here, is a steel tank 95 cubic foot. The regulator unit consist of a primary and a
octopus. We also will have gauges which will be the submersible pressure gauge, temperature
gauge and a compass. These items are of necessity for the diver to know how deep they are going,
where they are going, and how much air is left in the tank.

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