Tokyo 2020 Olympics adds skateboarding to its program

P- a recent decision by the international olympic committee has turned a few talented athletes into olympic hopefuls. 1 VO TRACK SKATEBOARDERS AROUND THE WORLD CAN SET THEIR WHEELS IN MOTION NAT-RAIL GRIND FOR THE OLYMPICS STARTING IN 2020… 1 SOTW1 44 i think it’s great that they’re moving it into the olympics because it shows that they respect the sport 2 VO TRACK THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR THE TOKYO GAMES RECENTLY RECEIVED MORE FLEXIBILITY TO PROPOSE AND ADD NEW SPORTS TO OLYMPIC PROGRAMS… 2 SOTW3 43 i think it’s finally a way to help the sport move up in popularity and rank 3 VO TRACK IT HAS YOUNGSTERS LIKE SERRES S-AIR AND BENETT NAT-BOARD DREAMING BIG… 3 SOTW5 45 i got this board…it was like a plastic board from walmart and i used to go down my couch cushions into pillows 4 VO TRACK BENETT’S QUICKLY TRANSITIONED FROM HIS SOFT LIVING ROOM…TO A CEMENTY PLAYGROUND… NAT-FLIP-‘NICE BENETT!’ THESE 10-YEAR-OLD SKATER BOYS
HAVE COME A LONG WAY…QUALIFYING AND PLACING IN NATIONAL COMPETITIONS…THIS YEAR BENNET PLACED IN THE TOP THREE FOR MULTIPLE EVENTS AND SERRES TOOK FIRST IN THE 12 AND UNDER MINI RAMP FINALS… 4 SOTW7 44 it’s not just some kind of sport that people just do on the street to have fun…it’s actually like a legitimate sport 1 VO TRACK SERRES’S CELEBRATES HIS 3RD ‘SKATEBOARDING BIRTHDAY’ THIS WEEK. AND IS STARTING TO THINK ABOUT WHAT AN OLYMPIC COMPETITION WOULD FEEL LIKE… 1 SOTW9 46 …a lot…i mean that would be so great. it’s crazy…but that would be so cool all event programming for the 20-20 olympics will be finalized in 20-17…from goodman skatepark elise romas w-i-s-c news3.

8 thoughts on “Tokyo 2020 Olympics adds skateboarding to its program”

  1. Why is the public image for skating druggies, and kids? I've skated for more than 15 years. children will not be in the olympics for skateboarding. Teenagers probably, but not children. It doesn't encourage people to do drugs either. It encourages commitment, passion, progression and enjoyment.

  2. Skating isn't a sport or a competition, it's absolutely something that people do on the street to have fun and be free! I don't know who that kid's parents are, but they failed him. If he's as good as they say, his goal should be to get sponsored and go professional, not be whored out by big corporations trying to cash in on skating culture! Disappointed in today's youth.

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