Tokyo Ghoul Skateboarding

hi what’s up guys so today my homie Gio sent me over some sheets a grip Gio sent me over some kaneki grip and a frequently asked question I get is where did I get my clunky grip from Gio is a super talented artist that is always putting together these sick anime designs so I hit him up and asked him if he could look together one of the designs yet on Instagram on a sheet of grip tape for me he was trying to have to do it and send me over a comic eager I posted a lot of clips on Instagram using the grip tape and have a lot of good feedback so here’s an Instagram clip of me using the group table so I was super hyped on the grip /do you could send me over some more and he was nice of them to take the time to draw some organ to show momentum boxes right now I’m show you guys what it looks like it’s crazy how you can make it look exactly the same as last and look at this he did this by hand this is insane look out down to you send me over to so let’s see what they look like oh my god came out so sick they bundling exactly the same that’s crazy alright so before I spray pay my board I’m gonna learn how to ride one of these things I’m scared just shove it all right let’s get back to work all right so I’m going to finish sanding down this board and then coat it with a layer and scraping so I didn’t do the best job sanding this welder alright so I just finished spray-painting the board it took a good minute to dry the second birthday six now if this lock are much now I needed to do this sand out the edges get a good all right so just finish that out I just got to set it up you you all right so just wrapped up the sash big thanks to Lamont for filming it’s nice to have someone who actually knows how to work a camera if you guys are interested in getting this grip or different like anime designs make sure to look up Giovanni on Instagram I’ll put it like right here just look them up it’s a bunch of sick anime designs so just look through it and you’ll be super impressed right make sure to LIKE subscribe and comment I’ll see you guys for the next video do we only have 20 seconds left we got to get into not alleged lon come on madam we only got eat

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