check out the view for this really nice area there’s a ton of banks a ton of punk dots today we’re just cruising around we’re gonna see all the little spots alongside the river disrespect oh say there’s this bank with a lot of run-up yeah you can skate off of it as a simple right your tenacity but yeah did you never mention see God parakeet kitchen hey that shoe is please today I’m meeting up with hi Toto again I think Montero is coming with them so we’re just gonna do another day of Street skating around cruising around the city and just explore whatever spots be fine we got to the spa I’m just gonna film whatever ranch it goes on Wow that’s not give you the 50 the rail what bro your pop is unreal that’s actually pretty tall whoa Fred’s on it isn’t it yeah that one’s perfect who did don’t even sit through you might so much Google but so pipe student such a late start an hour to skate and we’re making the most of it trying to get as much as we can with the daylight we have you’re not hanging on that side look at the sunset oh my last minute Kaitlyn back the back keep it going I’ll keep the clip bro it’s really dark tow was able to get a pitch black Miguel Akana coffee so you press down on this worth water out there they’re very hard to make them rock-paper-scissors Oh I have like a bump here on my forehead look at us it’s too much they’re your friends yeah I’m gonna end it off here that shit hurts my forehead one day sorry golf late but did a little bit of night skating see you guys for the next one so if you missed the last video it was identity which is a really important video and I want to make sure no one missed out on this so on the left side of the screen you’ll see the thumbnail for identity just click on it it’ll take you straight to the video oh yeah really important video for the brand erased is finally starting to come together and things are really starting to move forward

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  1. I don’t skate but i find some kind of relaxation watching these..Your content is A1 ty for the uploads mijo

  2. Tokyo/japan hands down my favorite place, if it was as cheap as Bangkok I'd be staying there just now and not in bkk, some Japanese family adopt me please

  3. This is what skating is all about! Having fun with new people and travelling with it where possible. Top draw stuff. Keep it up!

  4. I love Japan so fucking muchhh just wow I can’t wait til I save up the enough money and move there

  5. I enjoyed this video soo much; the atmosphere, all the fun, the smiling people, the spirit of Japan, its just fckin amazing! Thank you!

  6. i really like the little girl
    she reminds me of myself when i was younger cause i always hung out with dudes
    well i couldnt skate tho XD

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    I was just curious,What a title 6:19 Didn't I/Darondo s remix??
    I cheer up ur movie. What a heartwarming vibes.

  8. yo i remember when leon first met you like two years ago, he's grown so much ^^ great to see him be apart of this family <3

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