Top 10 Silver Surfer Shocking Facts

The Silver Surfer was created in 1966, first
appearing in Fantastic Four issue 48. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Surfer
is a product of the Marvel Method; a collaborative technique at Marvel in which Kirby would working
on a brief synopsis to draw individual scenes and plot details, and then Lee would add dialogue
and captions. When the two were working together on the
Galactus Trilogy story arc, which introduced Galactus, Kirby handed over his pencil art
for the story, and to Lee’s surprise, there was the silver surfer, a character they had
never discussed, a character that Lee called “a nut on some sort of flying surfboard.” Kirby believed Galactus should have some sort
of herald, a fallen angel to his god like character. So today, we’re diving into some tidbits
about the character that you may not have known, with our list of the top 10 Silver
Surfer shocking facts. Let’s get
to it! 10 Origin
Before the Silver Surfer became the Silver Surfer and Galactus’ herald, he was a mortal
the name of Norrin Rad from the planet Zenn-La. Zenn-La was considered a utopia; a planet
free of crime, disease, hunger, poverty and desires. Norrin was named after the scientists responsible
for eliminating barbarism from the planet. A young astronomer, he grew restless, wanting
more of a challenge in life, and buried himself deep in the history of Zenn-La’s struggles
and past. Challenges would find him though, when his
life changed forever thanks to an alien spacecraft that broke through Zenn-La’s defences. Norrin convinced the Council of Scientists
on Zenn-La to let him go up in a space craft to find out who the invaders were. Turns out it was Galactus. In an act of heroism, Norrin offered to become
Galactus’ herald in exchange for the cosmic entity to not eat Zenn-La. Galactus accepted his offer, and for almost
100 years, the Silver Surfer served Galactus, doing his best to find planets that were energy
rich and devoid of sentient life; an increasingly difficult goal that eventually caused conflict
between Surfer and Galactus. But more on that later. 9 His Parents
If that weren’t tragic enough, this fact will definitely make you feel for poor Norrin. His parents both committed suicide on separate
occasions. His mother was the first to take her life. Elmar Radd committed suicide when Norrin was
a young child, feeling as if life on their home planet of Zenn-La was ‘too perfect’
in a stepford wives sense, and she was ill suited to its stifling environment. Her death was accounted for in Silver Surfer
vol 3 issue 57 in 1991, where during a battle with Thanos, the two take a tour throughout
Surfer’s memories. After she died, his father, Jartran, raised
Norrin, and fathered a child with another woman, a boy named Fennan. Jartran was a leader in the civil war on Zenn-La. He raised Norrin to be intellectual, encouraging
him to seek knowledge and achievement rather than pursue hedonistic desires. Jartran’s suicide was prompted by an accusation
that he had committed idea theft. 8 His Speed
Surfer is exceptionally fast. He can travel 500,000 light years within a
matter of seconds. He’s pulled off extraordinary feats with
his speed, including shattering through several walls of Vibranium, causing them to exploded
on contact with him when they collided. He can be anywhere in the galaxy within seconds,
covering what would normally take over 100,000 lights years in mere moments. He’s flown from one end of the universe
to another. He’s even proven capable of time travel
in the past. 7 His Board
One of the reasons why fans disliked the Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver surfer movie was because
of how Surfer was depicted. Among MANY other reasons, let’s be fair
here. Anywho, in the movie, Surfer gets his powers
from the board, which is far from the case in the comics. In the comics, he acquires his board when
he becomes Galactus’ herald, with it being made out of the same materials he was constructed
out of. Jack Kirby had actually included the Surfboard
because he was tired of drawing space ships. It’s a very powerful object. It’s mentally linked to Surfer, and he uses
mental commands to control it whenever its not within his immediate vicinity. Surfer can literally trap living matter within
his board, and then destroy it. He once hit the Hulk so hard with his board
that it knocked him unconscious In tales to Astonish issue 93. It’s nearly impervious, although once in
the comics, Hercules broke it and then used it to murder Surfer. But whenever the board gets damaged or destroyed,
Surfer just creates another one, having the ability to manipulate matter. 6 Sustenance
The Surfer doesn’t need anything to sustain himself. He converts matter into energy, meaning he
doesn’t need food, or air, or water, sleep, all of the things other living organisms require. Galactus encased his body in a life-preserving
silvery substance of his own creation, which shields Surfer from the heat, the cold and
from a lack of oxygen, stating that not even the all consuming inferno of the hottest sun
would harm him. 5 Carnage Cosmic
In 1998, in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 430 and 431, Silver Surfer became Carnage Cosmic
when he bonded with the Carnage symbiotic. After Carnage escapes captivity when the institute
that Cletus Kassidy was being held it cuts costs, and therefore cuts the funding for
the microwave field containing him. Carnage escapes after it’s disabled, and
Silver Surfer decides to fight it in space in order to keep civilians protected. Once it’s revealed that the Carnage symbiote
was keeping the cancer in Cletus Kassidy’s stomach at bay, the Silver surfer comes back
down to Earth, bonded with Carnage, with the intention of giving it back to Kassidy. Surfer convinces Spider-Man that that’s
a good idea, and then encases Kassidy and Carnage in an ethereal energy shell in order
to ensure that the villain won’t harm anyone. 4 Cured Bruce Banner
One of the Silver Surfer’s abilities is to use the Power Cosmic to heal others. This includes a time where he ‘healed’
Bruce Banner of the Hulk, removing all of his gamma radiation in order to be rid him
of the big green monster. This happened in Incredible Hulk vol 1 issue
250, and, fun fact, despite the two characters having met one another in the past, this issue
is written as if it’s the first time that Hulk has met the Surfer, leading comic historians
to suggest that perhaps the Hulk didn’t remember Surfer. Anywho, Surfer didn’t cure Banner in this
to help Bruce out though; it was because he was annoyed with him after he tried to get
Hulk to help him break through the forcefield that Galactus had put around Earth in order
to trap Surfer there. Unfortunately for Bruce though, he wasn’t
able to survive without the Hulk, meaning Surfer had to reinstate the radiation and
return Hulk to him. There was also a point where surfer cured
Rhino of the condition that game him his abilities, too. He’s also been known to regenerate himself
and his board from time to time, also using the Power Cosmic to do so. And he can even revitalize or evolve organic
life on a planet wide scale, as seen in Silver Surfer vol 3 issue 104. While he’s capable of healing living organisms,
Surfer isn’t capable of reviving the dead. 3 Black Holes
The Silver Surfer can survive travelling through a black hole. That’s impressive AF. If you were sucked into a black hole, the
gravitational pull would stretch you body apart, with the stretching being so potent
that your body would be completely torn apart before you could get really far inside of
one. Not only can silver surfer survive travelling
through or being around a black hole, he can also create them, which is pretty darn terrifying. Surfer is capable of surviving in almost any
environment, which includes travelling through deep space and hyperspace without needing
any sort of protection. 2 His Emotions
One of the Silver Surfer’s most notable traits is that his emotions are less intensive
than human’s emotions. While he was serving Galactus as his herald,
Galactus’ destruction of the first planet that Silver Surfer found for him almost drove
him mad. This caused Galactus to alter his mind, which
suppressed Norrin’s memories and emotions. This adjustment made it easier for Norrin
to explore the galaxy and offer up inhabited worlds to Galactus, which included Earth. But that doesn’t mean that he’s emotionless;
if anything, Surfer is incredibly sensitive to the emotions around him, having the ability
to sense the emotions of humans and perceive those emotions empathetically. Sometimes these emotions are overwhelming
for him, feeling them as if he were a living magnet. 1 The UN
Back in 2004’s Silver Surfer volume 5 issue 5, Surfer is given citizenship to every single
country in the world as a means of a thank you from the United Nations. So let’s back track a sec. In this series, he saves the Earth from his
home planet Zenn-La, several different UN representatives from various counties wanted
to give him the gift of nationality to their countries. This included Wakanda, France, Egypt, Japan,
Russia, China and India. Later on, the rest of the world follows suit
and he would gain the citizenship to the other remaining 189 countries, which was a pretty
nice gesture to do. I mean, how do you give a gift to an individual
who can theoretically have any material object he wanted? Give him something intangible and meaningful,
of course. There we have it friends! Which of these facts surprised you? Which other Silver Surfer facts do you think
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