Tory Lanez Had The Best Crowd Surfing Experience At Voodoo 2016 | Fuse

♪ ♪ Yeah, I performed earlier
tonight. It was fantastic. I love the place.
I love New Orleans and this is just the biggest experience
I’ve ever had out here. I got to play in the nighttime.
It was fun and also it was the first time that
I think the crowd surf, in this one, was just
so serious. So I don’t know. I think it’s like one
of the first times that I’ve had like a really, really,
really good experience crowd surfing in a sea of people
that was that big. This festival is a little
different from other festivals. Honestly I think it’s just the
people, the energy, and the fact that everyone’s just kinda
out here to have a good vibe. Like that’s the best thing
about Voodoo Fest to me: the energy, the people,
the vibe. And um the fact that I’m getting
interviewed by Fuse. Workin on “Trust Nobody”, especially with such talented artists like Cashmere
and Selena. It’s just a honor and a blessing cause you know a lot of people, especially even from Urban, they don’t get to cross over to that side and get to make music with people of that caliber. So I hope we get the video done, you know what I mean? Cause I think Selena’s mad sexy. I am coming out with
theI Told Youmovie. It stars me in it. Um, you know,
I’m doing my acting thing. And it’s a real good story. It’s
also the story of the album. It’s to promote the album, but
it’s also to give people the visual behind the album,
you know? Cause there’s, you know, in Apple Music
and Spotify and the streaming networks-
it’s 14 tracks in total but they split it up
and there’s 28 skits- so those skits actually come to
life in theI Told Youmovie. Um, you get the details of other
things that happened and it’s just really an
experience from down to when you listen to the album
and when you, you know, see the movie. Either it’s gonna come out
sometime in December- Or it’s gonna come out, um, probably the top of next year. December is my month.
I’m so ready for December. It’s that new Toronto season,
it’s that Chixtape season. That’s all I’m gonna
say ya know? Fuse, y’all better
understand that. Tell everybody that.
Let them know that I made the first Toronto Hood
movie classic, aight? ♪ ♪

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