Tourneo Active Diaries: Antoine Albeau

The ocean represents an area of freedom for me.
It’s something I know and understand a lot. I cover a lot of distance in the ocean
and every ocean is unique and different. My name is Antoine Albeau. I am a professional Windsurfer, I have 21 world championships and I have
the world record for speed windsurfing. I have a very active life. I do not like to be doing nothing,
so I’m always on the move. So as soon as I can go windsurfing or any other sport, I take the opportunity. No matter where I am. So I like being active all the time. I don’t spend a lot of time here at home. So when I come back, I get to spend time with my family. I spend time with my nephews,
together we’re at the water, skateboarding or trying stand-up paddle. I like coming back home. My nephews are like my friends. We try different sports together
on the water or on the land. I love catching up with them. I love the sea. I love the ocean. Spending time in the sea here is just ideal. It’s a passion of mine. There is no secret to being the best, but it’s a lot of training and time
and spending a lot of time in the water. This is almost all my life and I think it is my lifestyle.

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