Toy Story Meets Pinko | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Guys, look what Andy’s aunt got him
from Gwyneth Paltrow’s website. Say hi to Pinko! Hello. What are you? I am
a Swedish creativity object designed in conjunction
with free-space theory, which encourages
cognitive freedom. For instance,
your cowboy concept restricts
imaginative thinking, whereas I am
conceptually neutral. Andy chooses what I am,
not the manufacturer. I already hate this prick. Hey, stop that! We’re all friends here,
Mr. Potato Head. Pinko, let me be the first to
welcome you and shake your hand. HowcanI shake your hand? Uh, with your hand
right there. Who said that’s a hand? Maybe I’m a magical train
and that “hand” is a wheel. Maybe I’m
a candy-making machine or a hotel
for tiny clowns. My concept will come
fromAndy’sbrain, notyours.Whoa!
No need to get upset, man. Man?
How dare you! Maybe I’m a woman. Maybe I’m
an asexual space creature. Andy should decide and not be forced into your
narrow, violent world view. Violent? We are not violent toys. Really?
What is that holster used for? Probably not
organic fruit snacks. And I bet that laser
isn’t meant for pointing to things
in a classroom setting. That is
a Tyrannosaurus rex, a.k.a.
nature’s perfect killer. And you’re
the most frightening toy of all. What, because
of my acerbic point of view? You keep body parts
in your trunk. You know
who else did that? Jeffrey Dahmer. And didn’t you strap a bear
to the grille of a truck to teach him a lesson? Who
the Mafia?you — [ Door opens ] Hey! Shh! Andy’s coming. I can’t wait to begin growing
creatively with Andy. “I am Pinko. You decide what I am.” [ Scoffs ]
Okay, you’re trash. Hey, can someone give me
a hand? Who says
these are hands? [ Laughs ]

100 thoughts on “Toy Story Meets Pinko | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim”

  1. What rolls down stairs
    alone or in pairs,
    and over your neighbor's dog?
    What's great for a snack,
    And fits on your back?
    It's log, log, log

    It's log, it's log,
    It's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
    It's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good."

    Everyone wants a log
    You're gonna love it, log
    Come on and get your log
    Everyone needs a log

  2. Isn’t Pinko itself a bad toy because it teaches Andy to force his will onto others to make them conform to his views.

  3. Who in their right mind would shop for toys on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website? You know that you’re going make the kid call you or your kid that got it for them a cheap shit head.

  4. If only this could've been the plot with forky we wouldn't have had to sit there and watch Woody try and save a fucking spoon for an hour and a half

  5. As groundbreaking as Toy Story was for being the first feature length CGI film, these skits from Robot Chicken alway make me think that maybe Toy Story should've been stop motion. This looks great using the actual toys.

  6. Andy:*throws pinko in the trash bin

    Pinko:"hey can somebody give me a hand?"

    Buzz,woody,potato head and rex: WELL WELL WELL LOOK HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

  7. Literally pinko is the exact image of vegans and transgenders anyone in that umbrella of jackasses!!!! That's what's wrong with the world today!!! Little bitch babies like that!!!! Jesus I could only imagine how the new few generations of kids will come out like?! Ahahhahhahahahhahahhahhahaahhahhahahhahahah… With parents like that?? With world views like that?! Ahahhahhahahahhahahhahhahaahhahhahahhahahah Doomed I tell ya! Ahahhahhaa

  8. Wow. When did this episode air? Did robot chicken make a "did you just assume my gender" joke ahead of its time?

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