Training in windsurfing – мастер-класс Оли Раскиной

Hello extreme lovers I’m Roman Smolkin And we are in the Aquatoria Leta Zavidovo again Today we will catch the wind and dissect the water surface Did you guess it? We will try the Olympic sport of windsurfing today But if you really start something, you have to do it under the guidance of a professional So, since 2010 she professionally rides for the Roxy team for the Redbull team Since 2014 In 2014, she became the vice champion of windsurfing at the stage of freestyle on the island of Fuerteventura Yes, this is incomparable Olya Ruskina she will tell us how to get up on the board and catch the wind Especially beginners a lot today Hello Olya Hello Dear friends, great news today is sunny excellent weather warm water, there is not need to dress wetsuit aliluya It’s cool today, but the wind is very low The wind is so small that the sail can be raised to stand and that’s it Your task is to pass at least 5-10 meters make a turn and try to return to the starting point this is the maximum for today for the first day it’s very cool But the wind here often changes if the wind slightly stronger we will be more comfortable look at the flags they are not in vain here, not for beauty but for the direction of the wind about this wind we are ride as it is now will tell Did anybody try to skate or all of you are beginners? Those who have tried, come later, I will show you the helicopter, Something from freestyle, because standing would be boring for those of you, who already knows how to stand For those who are the first time! The most important thing! You have to understand that all movement depends on the direction of the wind We ride perpendicular to the wind, to go upwind und down wind When you are riding, the wind blows in your back, into the sail And you relate this wind. The wind is blowing at us now, I just need to move the sail in your direction And you better to come here. Now I will simulate that position which will be on the water. The first thing we determine is looking at the flags estimated the approximate direction offshore wind Board perpendicular, sail in the wind We climb always at the center And we stand narrowly The most stable place is near the hinge This device that mounts the sail to the board The first thing you have to do is puting the board behind the stern The stern is the rear tail storing a board in the water Put the sail down the wind and drop the dagger board Otherwise, without it, the board will leave the wind line And you can not return Now there will be many terms, If you forget something, ask me So far, I mentioned Stern – the back of the board The nose is the front of the board where you are going dagger board in the middle, on the water always lower, on the shore raise on the shore off to the Board the sail consists of straight stick- mast boom – for a boom we stick and the sail itself, respectively. Climb the center If it’s at a depth, if you fell then first on your knees, then on your feet And now for girls is very important! Sails are very heavy, That’s why you stick your feet in the board, hard! Legs work! Take hold of the sail and begin to pull it out of the water Pull up with a straight back and get up This is the correct position When you are sitting at the expense of body weight, Deviate back – lift the sail Wrong position It is certainly very beautiful, but not right When you pull the ass and on straight legs, tearing his back Trying to raise the sail. So need not to do Sitting at the expense of body weight, deviate backward Gently lift the sail At the beginning you can take a boom from both sides Or for a uphaul The wind will deploy the sail to the necessary position The wind always turns the sail where it needs Now the wind blows there you will go perpendicular to the wind, along the coast This is the starting base position We move there, where the nose of the board is looking Therefore, to start moving, you make a little step back And take hold of tha t half of the sail that is above the stern And here is very important The back hand is gas The stronger you pull the back of your hand The greater the area of the sail you block the wind You are stronger drawn than you are faster ride The front rudder hand keeps the mast vertically all the time Once you move sail somewhere you are changing the direction of the board In the beginning, you need to hold riding across the wind and work only with gas pull it to yourself for the faster ride let go of your hand for the slowly The sail has become empty showing how the flag the direction of the wind the direction of the wind often changes here Now the wind blows from the shore in an hour to change and starts to blow from the water so check yourself constantly look at the flags why do I turn the board here? for your immediately start from the shore into the water and not to rest on shore with this wind direction, this situation so raise the sail step on the back of the small step two arms per boom Front holds the mast vertically rear closes bigger area of the sail is filled with the wind – pulls more the back handle from yourself-brakes or remove excess speed now hardly you will have extra speed you stand up pulled your back hand close the sail and ride and ride, passing 10-15 meters next you need to make a turn now I show you the simplest basic turn it is called fordewind and it is doing this way Turning is a change of the course Feed have to change with the nose in positions Revers by 180 degrees The front steering arm turns on The front arm in the tip on the nose And very smoothly release the back hand The turn is made without gas Due to the front steering wheel Once you tilt the sail to the nose, the board immediately begins to turn in the wind The nose is moving, moving …. You do nothing Stand at the stern and watch of the nose When he turned 90 degrees You need to change the position of the body You go to another half of the board Take the other side of boom This way … crosswise And here you will slowly close the sail And you will return to the starting position The board will rotate to the remaining 90 degrees And go back to the shore The meaning of turning the back hand gas you clean completely The forward straight hand is slowly moving around the nose You change your legs and intercept the sail from the other side Like this… so far, one turn Who will get it can come later I will show another turn Who already knows how to ride come here later I’ll show you freestyle Lightwind freestyle of course Who wants to try it on the simulator Excellent We raise the sail with a straight back super Not that side, but we take up that half of the sail Which is above the stern That is, you first raise the sail Hold on to the boom on both sides This is a super starting position Here you determine the direction of the wind To go you have to to make a small step back on stern, to start And take up half of the sail that is above the stern The mast should remain straight ahead of you Hands a little further, for you landmark The loop is in the right place on the opposite, in the center of the pull One hand from the left of the loop the other from the right of the loop If there is no loop then the central window is closer to the mast Approximately, the center of thrust is always half a meter from the mast So far, that’s enough The theoretical part is over Let’s get down to practice I’m going to change clothers, while you look around Let’s not waste time And as Natalia-Marines said Start obtained It turned out now we find out whether the others Did You like Umar Roman Another newcomer Ksenia Yes, very fun, interesting, new experience Impressions are excellent, I liked it, it was not easy It was cosmic. I blinked like a blonde, I did not understand anything, the board fell down It was difficult with wind or without, I do not know Has fallen twenty times, has passed 2 meters, well 10 But the feeling is great, the water is cold, here is hot, perfect And on my own I want to add Be sure to try windsurfing Especially for the first training a strong wind is not needed and now you have the opportunity try it completely free competition For the contest, you have to come up with a slogan for the channel all extreme and write it under the video on YouTube About likes and subscription, I do not remind! And the winner will be able to come to the aquatoria leto zavidovo take free inventory and try yourself in windsurfing go in for sports friends

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