TRIATHLON SWIM GEAR: What’s in Taren’s SWIM BAG 2018 Edition

– Morning, Trainiacs. Finally, finally, after three weeks of doing a makeshift little
cobbled together swim package of gear in my swim bag that isn’t quite from the Tower 26 recommended
list, I got it all. (door opens) Picked up old swim gear (horn honks)
now we get, shhhh, new swim gear, now we gotta
head off and get to the pool. We’re not swimming in
a stand up pool today. (upbeat dance music) Alright, old swim bag, new swim gear. Before we get into that, show you my pretty face
along with new shades. These here are Gooder shades, run Gooder. Stay tuned, Trainiacs can get a discount though our new coaching platform. So old swim bag was really just based off of what gear we used day to day. There wasn’t specific gear
used for specific drills, pull all this stuff out
now from old swim bag. I’ll start with the basics, cap, cap, cap, cap, cap,
the goggles that I use are the circuit goggles. I have a clear set for in the pool, an old mirrored set for
open water swimming, and a new mirrored set for
when these start leaking. That is a Finis goggle, hands
down my favorite goggle, nice little balance of super
comfy during long swims, really good for still
diving off the block, because it’s not so big
and then they still work, suck onto your face
really well in open water. Real kasim shorts for my floaty pants which I will still use
only on recovery days, like Monday to recover
after a long weekend. Finis Tempo Trainer Metronome,
that beep beep beep beep to help speed up my swim stroke, that’s gonna stay, we’re
actually using that today. And a dive towel and speedo in here in case I ever forget a towel and speedo. Now here’s what we’re replacing, this is a standard pull buoy that you’d probably expect, made of foam. We’re replacing that with the ene buoy. These are basically like plastic jugs, and why these are really nice is because they’re buoyant for starters, but you can fill them up
with water one at a time or both so when it’s
empty you can reduce drag, get a lot of buoyancy, when
one is full or two is full, you can add drag, make it
more of a strength set, so this goes away. We’re gonna often use
this with an ankle strap. Now Tower 26 recommends
an actual fabric strap so that there’s no give at all, I find that while these
Roka straps, or Finis straps that are really sturdy,
if you figure eight them and make them really tight at the start, while they don’t have a lot of give what you want is your ankles
to be totally locked in so that you’re not kicking whatsoever. Pair that with that, you
can really feel if your body is moving side to side and wiggling and if you need to tighten up your core. Snorkel, that’s gonna stay. Now these are the Tyr cross blade fins. These are the Tyr cross blade fins. The issue that I have with these old ones is that a former college
swimmer about six years ago, he said, “You know what I
recommend is chopping off the end “of your fins so that
they’re more like zoomers.” Now that’s fine if you’re
a really strong swimmer. If you’re training for races
that are 50 to 200 meters long fact of the matter is we
need something like this, we need a longer fin,
a little more supple, straight edge, so we need
that length as recommended by Jerry Rodriguez to train
properly as triathletes. So these babies, they go
away in place of these. And then paddles, I’ve
talked a lot about paddles, I’ve liked the Agility paddles from Finis but what Gerry Rodrigues
from Tower 26 says is that all of those paddles that add drag to your swim stroke, it
adds a lot of pressure on your shoulder and it’s an advanced move that if you don’t have the strength, if you don’t have the technique,
if you don’t have the miles in your arms, it might
cause injury and difficulty so what we have here are the tech paddles and these actually go on like this and what it trains your arm
to do is to not cup the water and break your wrist like that, so you just hold on to it
and it doesn’t really add any force, it really just
gives you the right feeling for the water that you’re
grabbing it with your forearm right there and creating a nice catch. So those go in the bag too. And finally this is critical
for open water swimming, we need the stability and
the strength in our shoulders and our arms that we can
crash through the waves, we’ve got stability to
maybe get knocked around as people are hitting us,
and before every workout, we do a set of stretch
cords where we’re constantly reinforcing that strength, endurance to have really nice stable arm strokes. And this has greatly
increased in size now. Now Trainiacs, take said ginormous bag, and we swim and then run. (techno music) Well, two casualties during that swim, me, 36 fast fifties with a fast turnover and beanie buoy came apart. There are supposed to be two screws holding this together, came undone. So if you get one of
these, maybe just tighten up that screw or put a little
bit of crazy glue in it, we can fix this. We can fix this, after the run. (techno music) A lot of greenery here. (techno music) That is a done day there Trainiacs, that was, 30, oh, what
is that all about, oh. I don’t like that. That is a 3600 meter swim in an hour 20 and a 5.9 K, about 3.6 miles in a 30 minute run. Rest week, nothing crazy. But some of those items there, Trainiacs, are a little bit tough to find so what I’ll do is I will put a link in the description below to that I’ve put together where it links out to all of the specific
recommended gear from Tower 26 and there’s a really good
reason that we use all of those specific items. Ladies and gentlemen, that
is a Saturday of working out. If you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below. If you are subscribed,
just continue being you. Go out there with a positive
attitude, that’s all I ask and check out the triathlon turn podcast, most highly reviewed tri
podcast in the world, just saying.

17 thoughts on “TRIATHLON SWIM GEAR: What’s in Taren’s SWIM BAG 2018 Edition”

  1. Taren here's my dilemma I love swimming I feel comfortable I swim 3 or 4 times a week but because I'm in intensive care to travel nurse working 12-hour shifts and driving 18 hours per week I cannot swim faster than 150 /100 yards. 62 years old type A personality I still have a lot of kids at home a wife that has me on a short leash. I can't stand being this slow my head is down I've got a good catch my fingers are pointed towards the bottom of the pool not too Wiggly in the water and I can't afford it coach. The good news is two or three times a week I can really hit it hard I can do bricks or whatever I want there are plenty of hills around me to. What is my next step or 3 steps. Find me on Strava. Mark Grenier

  2. You could always just use a bigger pullbuoy, a smaller pullbuoy or no pullbuoy at all if you want to vary buoyancy rather than buying two water bottles screwed together poorly.

  3. I’m curious to see if you become a faster swim by doing the tower 26 training. I might join them if you do because there are only 30 miles away from my house.

  4. Those paddles look legit. They look like they would really promote that good catch. Let us know how they work out

  5. Would say those fins are not the best choice… Arena Power Fin Pro is a much better product. Not much shorter than those Tyr but a but stiffer which forces a smaller more compact kick.

  6. What made you decide to go with Tower 26? Were you previously with Purple Patch, or was that just for a camp and YouTube content rather than long-term training? So curious!! Love the new gear. Congrats!!

  7. I love my Finis agility paddles. They come off if the stroke isn’t correct so can’t see why they wouldn’t be helpful.

  8. Thanks for the equipment suggestions. I've been checking out Tower 26 also. You're a great source of information.

  9. Hi from France
    Love this new pull buoy of yours. Its versatility sounds appealing to my modest swimming capability. I'm not convinced by those paddles though (but I'm sort of "anti-paddle Renaud"as much as I'm "non nipple showing Renaud" on the run.
    Anyway, thanks again for another inspiring video.

  10. I'm curious how this might change/improve your water skills. Hope you'll do some type of compare and contrast video in the future about your experiences. Go Taren!

  11. Hey TT, What do you recommend for a beginner wet-suit for a person who will stay in the sport(s)? Does it make sense to secure something of quality at first or work my way up to it? I would love to get the Roka Maverick X. I can use all the help (buoyancy) I can get. JP.

  12. Hello brother. Thank you for the info. The link to the equipment is not working for me. I would like to buy a few of the items. Can you check the link, please. I really appreciate your help motivation and guidance. Regards from Miami.

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