Triathlon Swimming Gear: Taren’s Swim Bag Essentials

Hey what’s up guys Taren here if you’re looking
to Gear Up for your swim sessions stick around because we are going to go through my swim
bag from top to bottom I’ll tell you what’s inside here and where you can get it alright
let’s just start rooting around in here and we’ll see what’s in here so the first thing
and this is one of the most common tools that we use is a freestyle snorkel and this is
from Finis it allows you to just focus on your stroke your catch getting proper body
roll and it takes that need to breathe out of the equation so it helps with getting alignment
and getting balance in the water this is a really really important piece of gear second
thing that I pull out is goggles are the Roka F2 full view mirrored goggles that I did a
review on on the channel they’re mirrored so they’re really good for Open Water Swimming
standard swim cap this is the be-all end-all and swimming save that for later that little
devil so this here is a pool boy get to know it and get to love it what the pull buoy does
is a couple of things 1 it does allow you to be lazy so don’t become reliant on using
this pull buoy but what it does that’s really nice is that gets you in the habit of pulling
your legs up to the water with minimal kicking and what you try to do is use this pull buoy
to remember what that feeling is like and get your core engaged and get used to pulling
your legs up to the water without having to kick so hard so while the pool boy is a real
treat to use an set this is death to use a set so this here is a band this is just made
out of an old bike tire that I’ve tied together but what this is really good for is it take
your legs completely out of the equation that sucks why you’d want to do that is because
like I was saying with the pull buoy you want to get your legs used to floating up to the
top of the water this is like that on steroids you have no choice but to engage your core
and learn how to get your legs up to the water this is probably the single best swim tool
as far as really improving your stroke now comes my absolute favorite piece of gear these
are the Roka SIM shorts now these are basically a wetsuit short why these are really nice
is because it simulates a pull buoy if you’re worried about becoming really reliant on the
pull buoy and not kicking and losing any sort of momentum that you got from your kick and
you still want to work on your Kick but you want that sensation of the lift that comes
from the pool boy the SIM shorts are really nice way to do it just like the pull buoy
don’t become reliant on it because it will make you slower if you get used to that buoyancy
coming not from your own body but from tools and toys that you’re using the next thing
that I’ve got in here are the Finis freestyler hand paddles now these are not typical paddles
for a number of reasons number one is the shape so you can see that it’s a big scoop
here now why they’ve got that scoop is because they want you to work on your catch these
paddles are exclusively for the catch so 2 things that they do number 1 is that fin that
comes underneath it makes your hand go straight As It enters the water and it’s going to keep
you in a straight line as you do full pull and the second thing is that what you just
saw is that scoop encourages you to start your swim stroke with a proper catch another
thing that I’ll use this for is just the standard paddle sets these aren’t very hard on your
shoulders they don’t offer a whole lot of drag so you’re not going to build a lot of
strength using these but the nice thing is that you’re not going to tear apart your shoulders
what you will tear your shoulders apart with are these pedals and paddles that you’ll probably
see a little bit more commonly their contoured so it fits around your hand and you get a
nice little cup like palming a basketball and the purpose of this paddle isn’t really
to work on your Technique at all actually if you got bad technique I wouldn’t recommend
these paddles at all I don’t have a perfect swim stroke and I find an easy rip apart my
shoulder but if you got a good swim stroke and you want to build up that strength in
your whole body because these have such a nice Contour on the inside you scoop in a
ton of water and as you’re working on that pull it’s increasing the resistance a lot
a lot of pro triathletes we’ll use these they come in different sizes to fit your hand if
you want a little bit of an in between these two paddles with this being very little drag
and this being a tonne of drag you can get a paddle that looks like this but doesn’t
have that same contour and because it’s flat it’s not going to scoop as much water and
those are going to be a lot easier on your shoulders ok what else we got in here disgusting
moldy cap these are very interesting these beauties are just standard very cheap fins
what’s really unique about this is that they started about that long the purpose of fins
isn’t to build a ton of speed and a ton of strength with this huge highly resistant fin
it’s really just to give yourself a little bit of a pop so I actually had an All-American
swimmer tell me that when he was swimming in college they would take all their fans
and at the start of the year they would start long and they would slowly chop it down and
he said that if he had to choose one length over the other that he would recommend everyone
chop it down nice and short so that it’s basically like 2 or 3 inches longer than your toes giving
you a little bit of propulsion but not so much that it’s messing around with your swim
stroke another moldy cap and the last thing that’s at the bottom here that I haven’t really
used it the Finis Tempo trainer what this is is a little metronome that you put on the
inside or outside of your cap or on your swim goggles and you can set it to beep every time
you want to take a stroke you can speed it up you can slow it down and what it does is
it gets you in the habit of getting a really nice rhythmic stroke where you’re consistent
so beep beep beep enough of that what this is really nice for is towards the end of a
swim when you start getting tired if it forces you to keep that same rhythmic pace you’re
going to end up going a lot faster thrashing a lot less and then the bag I recommend that
everyone gets a mesh pool bag whether you’re putting it in your locke your car under your
desk anywhere you don’t want all that wet stuff that your stuffing into a bag to just
sit and get moldy so stuff everything in a nice mesh bag and keep it dry now the pièce
de résistance that I’m super proud about that I love is the speedo swim bag and in
my case I ended up finding a camouflage Speedo swim bag this here is the gold standard of
swim bags for a number of reasons you’ve got mesh pockets here on the side so you can stuff
things in there let them dry out you got a mesh bag here at the bottom you can put a
lot of your wet stuff in there and then what I do beyond that is all these loops around
here are really good for sticking all your towels because I take this to the office so
I just stick my towel on there I stick my Captain America speedo on there there’s a
pocket inside for my laptop there’s enough room for all the camera gear everything just
dries out throughout the day and I don’t have to worry about it degrading by getting molding
so I would highly recommend some sort of a custom swim bag that’s meant for swimming
because it’ll let everything dry out there you have it that’s everything that I use in
my swim bag I’ll link absolutely everything in the description below I scoured Amazon
and I picked through basically all of these products and found the highest rated and a
really good bang for your buck product for each one of these categories so if you are
looking at picking it up you can do it there if you have any questions as always hit me
up in the comments or check out A-Race Taren Snapchat Twitter and Instagram otherwise Happy
and hard training and kill your next A-race so there is a pro tip for you

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