what is that for everybody welcome back
to the channel another episode of world record Wednesdays we’re break or set a
world record every single Wednesday today I’m joined by my friend Jorge.
Jorge is a juggler and he hit me up tell me he was in town and you I’ll let you
tell anyone why are why are we here so I with the Cho crystal by Cirque du Soleil
which is the first ice experience of ice here so this is pretty like amazing and
new so you guys have seen me chuckle but he juggles Wow on ice skates well we’re
gonna break world record here a little bit but first I just want to see what
you can do right let’s do it really really good I’m gonna try to get
in on this I haven’t I haven’t done ball bouncing maybe ever on YouTube and I
haven’t done it in in real life in a very long time either so this is my
first attempt at five ball I can’t do forced bounce lifts lifts bounce I’m
fine I can still do it that’s good Oh probably bad ID on the ice priests we said I think that montage
deserves a thumbs up you impressed my bounce drug yeah I think we should try
some on ice skates see if it’s the same for you me on ice skates yes okay hey
guys Kevin Nash creep jr. I’ll have a little bit of time just another room
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followers 10,000 subscribers by the end of the month I’m halfway there I need
y’all’s help so I just wanted to come in and say what’s up also this video is
pretty dope too so like it familiarize myself with how to skate
before I try to spin again bogel okay juggling plus ice-skating
what’s the beginner step one so I think it’s gonna be this one okay he’s here
okay angels right too much each over that without push it’s pretty hard yeah put me in the show upgrading before oh good well I kind of did it right not good I
will leave a comment with your your grading a + F – whatever you think rate
my juggling + ice skating before the next thing I think it’d be cool to see
what it’s like backstage a little tour of a show of course so this is the blue
matte area where we warm up and train before the shows hold it hold it
no pressure YouTube oh and you have the TV screen there where we can see the
show light so for each cue we have we know exactly
what is going on all technical stuff where they have a lot of projections the
projections can follow us on stage so this is the quick change area so some
people have to you know run do a quick change of costume so without like a couple of perhaps the
the develop just to go a nice like this gay bar guys and like just like small
all the small props they here you know it’s no cost
yeah it’s no this one yours no no I want you don’t
have I think you need one more than what else and we’ll have more health this is
here I’m seeing the show this weekend I’m really excited to come back and see
them to see the full show okay the world record time are you ready yeah yes we’re
gonna set a new world record given your skills for the longest distance traveled
while bound seven five balls on ice gifts do it you can try to go the full
length of the ice here congratulations new world record thanks
for being under channel make sure you guys check out crystal they’re touring
all the time link in description to get tickets and thank you for watching check
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Caleb we’ll see you soon bye yeah no better fuck


  1. OK…so maybe not a proper “try out” but who knows… maybe Cirque will be impressed with my skills 🙂 THUMBS UP if you wan Cique to make a sports / trick shot show for me to star in?! WATCH TIL THE END FOR THE WORLD RECORD! Watch til the VERY VERY end for a discount on! Like/Comment like ERNEST THE KID did on the last video for your chance to win juggling balls! Love you guys! See ya next time! Oh and go subscribe to Caleb! Let’s get him to 10k – new video on his channel here:

  2. I’m thirteen and I have my own business making and selling T-shirt’s I live in Vermont and I was wonder if you could shout out @khocreations on Instagram for me I love your channel and have been watching for two years now

  3. Josh’s skating/juggling grade: B
    My skating/juggling grade: F-
    Btw I love your videos Josh keep up the great work!

  4. Great video! I would like to see more juggling. Could you do clubs and balls for training I would love that and do more tutorial videos

  5. Got to say seeing Josh struggle to juggle was kind of refreshing. Gives you some perspective on how tough it is

  6. Josh, I’m so sorry. It’s the day after this was posted, and I still haven’t watched it. I feel so bad because I know all your videos are awesome. ?

  7. If you use the code BOUNCE you get 10 % off, but is you use the code BREGJE15 you get 15% off.
    No joke.

  8. This was a really nice vid keep up the good work my man p.s the guy that said the video was dumb he is the dumb one????????


  10. Finally a juggling video. On the topic of juggling, anybody have any advice to start juggling basketballs. I am ok at keeping the basketballs going but to get them in the air in the beginning is the hardest part. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  11. Crystal is an mind blowing show it’s so good. I loved seeing it and I would totally see it again if it was closer to me again. How did you like it?

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