Save guys, how are you? with me everything is great;) in the previous video i ended up posting the tutorial how to hack angry birds epic without root I just left the card from which game I can hack and you came back on Subway Surfers so I will teach you how to hack Subway Surfers now both games are missing for you to come back on the left side I have the Sniper 3D Assassin and on the right side I have Hungry shark evolution which game do you want me to hack? I will leave the card up here and let your vote in one of the games, BEAUTY? more enough of winding, and let’s go to this tutorial I will teach you how to hack Subway Surfers we will need google and search Subway Surfers Mod great, ended up opening several Subway Surfers Mod sites but I prefer to take the third download site Click Download APK now just hit Download again and then hit OK and is already installing the game with Mod now just hit install and wait for the game to download ready now just hit open and enjoy the game i have to finish the game tutorial i will pause the video just to be fast as you can see, the coins and keys are all hacked and it’s not just coins and keys that are hacked and yes all characters and locks are unlocked too easy, this was the most requested video on the channel if you managed to hack the game please leave yours liked in the video your like helps me to continue my channel and subscribe to my channel, and turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss any of the videos I’m posting every saturday or once in a while watch previous videos if you haven’t watched yet and share it to everyone that’s it and until the next video said

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