Ultra Thin & Portable Electric Skateboard Teamgee Sail Review

so in this video i’m gonna review the team g sale electric skateboard so if any of you guys are familiar with my earlier videos on this channel you know I love Electric skateboards so I was super excited when Team G contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review their new board called the sale so I couldn’t say no cuz I’ve been always looking for something to ride in the city and for full transparency I wasn’t paid for this electric skateboard review alright so let’s get started with a board so here’s the actual board it’s 78 centimeters long and it has a lightweight design weighing only 5.0 kilograms it has one weird 480 watt brushless hub motor with an advertised top speed of 30 km/h thick 83 millimeter blue transparent wheels 84 watt battery built into the board itself which gives it a nice sleek appearance fully charging in one to two hours with an advertised total range of 14 kilometers the deck itself is ultra thin at only 12 millimeters and it has this dope bear rocking out at the bottom the power button and charger port are located on the rear heatsink alright now let’s talk about the remote it actually fits into your hand pretty nicely like this it has three speeds to choose from with different max speeds you press the thumb controller up to go forward and press back to engage the regenerated brakes it’s easy to check the battery life for these four LED indicators and it also has a reverse control switch pretty easy right alright so let’s talk about what I love most about this board so mind you that I’m speaking from a perspective of someone who lives in one of the busiest cities in the world Tokyo so one of the things that you notice right off the bat is that the motor is super quiet and that’s really nice for when you’re in the city and you don’t want to scare people riding around when you’re passing them by and with a battery built into the board it really looks like a normal skateboard also the brushless motor allows you to push kick the board just like a regular skateboard unlike boards like the boosted which have a built motor which makes it kind of difficult for you to push the board when you don’t have any battery it’s super light and easy to carry perfect for taking into places like the train it comes with these nose and tail protectors which help prevent board dings if you bump into the wall or scratch the tail when you pick it up the small target is perfect for taking it on the go and it even fits in your pocket and one of my favorites is the regenerative braking that doesn’t throw you off when you hit the brakes even at faster speeds also I love that they included some skateboard tools and an LED light with the purchase so now let’s test the board I’ve only had it for a few days but let me show you the test that I’ve done so far one thing to note though is that it’s water-resistant only up to ip54 actually rode the board a few days ago and some like light sprinkling rain and it seems to be fine today but I wouldn’t recommend writing it in any heavy rain or puddles because it’s not waterproof Kim G ever does that the board can go up inclines between 10 to 15 degrees this incline here is about seven degrees going up with some amount of speed is no problem while starting on the hill is doable I couldn’t generate much speed afterwards with a single hub motor I also tested the regenerative brakes on the same Hill starting at a relatively low speed applying full brakes on the controller slowed down the board but it was unable to completely stop the board I didn’t try to apply the brakes going down the hill at a normal speed because I wasn’t too confident I’d be able to stop something definitely considered when riding this board the 83 millimeter wheels are a dream on flat roads and pretty decent at absorbing small bumps and cracks on a normal world but continuous cracks like the brick path here are writable but you definitely feel the shock on your feet plus the board itself being as short as it is it’s not that flexible so more of the road noise is transferred to your feet also the board starts our mellow and easy again because it’s only one hub motor and although I could’ve measure the top speed the board felt fast enough for me all right so this is my conclusion for the board I think it’s perfect for someone who lives in city just like me but does it need to go the fastest speeds or the longest distances in fact it’s kind of dangerous sometimes to be in a city and going at super high speeds so I don’t mind having that top speed one note though I haven’t had a chance to fully test the speed of the board because I don’t have a speedometer also I haven’t had a chance to test the full range of the board but when I get a little bit more time and I do that I’ll leave it in the description of the video I also think that this board is perfect for beginners because it has three different modes that allow you to ease into the speed of the board also when you hit the brake even at higher speeds it doesn’t throw you off which is super nice it’s a little bit safer than some of the other boards that just throw you off but from any rider from beginner to pros can actually have fun with this board which is really nice at the same time if you live in a hilly area then this board is probably not for you because it can go up to speed or heels but if you live in a relatively flat area if you live by the beach and just want to cruise around then this board is perfect also if you do have some hills and I guess it’s okay but don’t expect it to go up any steep hills oh and it’s not ideal for people who want to take the electric skateboard on the airplane or just someone like me who like to travel since the battery is built into the board itself it’s hard to disconnect and a lot of airlines require you to disconnect the battery from the board in order to take it on the airlines that said I’ll probably looking for another board in the future that will allow me to take it on airplanes oh and one last thing as you guys know I’ve only ridden the board for a few days now you get a chip on the grip tape itself it’s just a minor little thing but maybe after a few months of use then you might see somewhere on the grip tape itself but overall I really like this board it’s fun it’s cheap and it’s ultra portable perfect for riding around the city or just cruising around from A to B at short distances and as convenient as it is you might see me riding around in this board alright so that concludes it video if you liked it help me out and hit that like button if you have any questions or comments on the board or if you have any other suggestions for any other words you want to see let me know in the comment section and finally if you want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and the Bell button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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