UMD Surfing Club – Catching Lake Superior Waves

Manage your board from the rail guard at the
tail. Especially when you’re landing. Looking at the other surfers I definitely got looks
because there weren’t many girls. There was probably one other girl. Most people would look and say ok, it’s going to be a nice day here and here. I look for the days that the
waves are supposed to be huge. The blowing winds, the rain, the cold. If you can stay underwater for ten seconds while waves are pounding you in 56-degree water and 40-degree
air. I mean, yeah I guess just pushing myself out of my comfort zone whenever I can. The waves are pretty big, double my size. But I think I’ll get out there and do pretty good once I get the hang of it. My name is Randy Carlson. I coordinate the paddle, surf, kite
aspects of rec sports outdoor program. And we’re here at Stoney Point on the southwest side. It’s gale-force winds. 40 mile and hour. 15 to 20-foot surf out there. And we’re going to try to do some surfing on this protected side of Stoney Point. It’s an adventure. I work with students in the swimming pool to establish board control and endurance. And
then we factor in the temperature, wind speed, wave direction, and choose a spot on Lake Superior. So I suit ’em up, they paddle out and try to catch some waves. The waves are very big and it’s my first time surfing so I’m super excited to get out on Lake Superior. It’s cold. It’s unlike anything else. I don’t know, it’s just the combination of the elements. I actually work at the RSOP with Randy. So he comes by every day and we chat and everything. And I was interested in the club last year and just never got around to it. So I saw
people signing up, it was my job to sign people up for it in the office there. So I saw that there was opportunity to sign up and I just did it. I’m very active and growing up with
a brother I’m very competitive and I like to push myself to different limits. So just coming out here, I’m excited to push my limits and see how it goes. The current in Lake Superior
is something that people have to learn about. And the waves are a little closer together
than in the ocean. So it’s a busy style of surfing. that demands a lot of you physically
to stay in position. They get pretty fired up and they’ll catch a wave or a wave will
catch them. One of the two. There’s not very many campuses that offer surfing, of course
in California there are. But here in the Midwest, we’re fortunate. UMD is one of the few. It’s a unique aspect of student life at UMD.

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  1. OK I surf here in Chile, but I'm from the UP and I'm wondering how that girl did, because her first time surfing on that lake is insane 😂GO GIIIRRRRLLLL

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