Used surfboards San Diego | 6’1 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/8

hey guys thanks for stopping by if
you’re looking for used surfboards San Diego I’ve got a
couple for you right now this first one is a 6-1 by nineteen in
a quarter two and five eighths its an SOS shapes
model their out at Maui Hawaii. There
custom boards that I have here this when he had shaped
me to be a little bit more for California type surf a little bit
wider flatter I’m really helps you through those flat
sections that sometimes we deal with here in San Diego I hadn’t put a couple carbon
fiber strips on the tail just to keep it really strong there’s a new deck pad that it comes
with A new Da Kine pad This board has a future fin set up so you just put your future fins in and it
doesn’t come with futures but I do have a set time selling for 25 bucks on top
of this but yeah, this boards great
like I said I rode it about a dozen times and I just have a lot of words in the
garage I got a clear some some boards out make some room for some
new ones are this winter so anyway I definitely check it out in it
all the specs and and everything else that you need to know should be down below this video or on the
Craigslist posting but I hopefully this will be your next
winter board right here so thanks again for watching this video you
guys and definitely give me a call or shoot me an email if you like to see more thanks

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