Used surfboards San Diego | 6’6 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/2

hey guys thanks for stopping by if you’re
looking for used surfboards San Diego I’ve got a couple right now you may have
seen the other video already with my 61 but this is a 6’6 by 18 an three quarters by two-and-a-half I
had my shaper for SOS shapes out of Maui Hawaii shape
something that was a little bit more for California type bigger waves
you know wasn’t the typical rounded pin that I
had for over there so I wanted it to be just a little bit more
for dealing with bigger lil bit more mushier type waves that
we sometimes have to deal with here in San Diego but um, this is a great board there’s no
dings it’s super clean It has a brand new Dakine deck pad on it
It is a future fin setup so… it doesn’t come with
fins I do have an extra set of fins I am going sell for $25 bucks so you could put those right in on it. But yeah, this board is clean and it’s ready to go its ready to ride so if you’re looking for
something that’s a little bit more by step up or you
wanna just get something that you can learn on or whatever it may be this is a perfect board. Its got a cool paint
job on it and its ready to go so if you guys want to learn more about our it or you want to come check it out you can do so by emailing me or contacting me with the
information below or that’s in the Craigslist ad so
thanks again you guys for watching this video and hopefully this is your next winter
board take care

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