Vanguards | Style, Creativity and Skateboarding Their Own Way | VANS

You have to try, try, try. It’s way crazy, the adrenaline
you get from skateboarding. I take a fall and I don’t
Even feel it. Get up. Do it again. I want to have a distinct style
that people can identify me by… Piano is something that I took
up way before skateboarding. Because I play the piano, I
understand things like timing. The first time I tried to
memorize a trick I realized that each trick has
its own timing. I want my skateboarding to
be precise. …that’s my goal.

100 thoughts on “Vanguards | Style, Creativity and Skateboarding Their Own Way | VANS”

  1. Good thing vans is here to stand up for strong females espically the minority ones. Without them wheeeeew idk it’s would be a patriarchy apocalypse. No but for real girls skateboarding is going to change the world, nothing is more important then this and nothing will do more good. Don’t you even think of saving the world though without Vans shoes on. If you were Nikes or some nonsense then you will fail and the world will be world by men still. What have men done in the past thousand years? Pffff go to the moon and build 5 different space stations whatever, can you land a kick flip? Men didn’t invent skateboarding, Polynesian women did in 390 AD, I saw it in Moana.

  2. So I wanted to just skip through this ad like basically every other ad on here, but I ended up watching it and it's freakin bad ass. Definitely going to be following these ladies, really cool shit

  3. I love this ad, but it would help to have subtitles all-around so we can understand what they're all saying. ?

    My bad: this vid has them, but the ad version on other vids doesn't.

  4. i grew up in santa cruz but never really got into skating. Now I'm 28 and really regretting it after watching this video 🙁

  5. Things I love about skating is the creativity, and how you can look so different from anyone else… Been listening to these 2 sentences so frequently daily basis recently that I start to have them in my dreams.

  6. Love this video, Ive been skating for 6 years and these people are all people I can relate with, thank you vans for the video.

  7. For anyone looking for the music, it's production music. No artist or track name, apart from "Style and Creativity (Theme)" It was probably made specifically for this video by a music production company. I've looked for hours and I can't even find anywhere to download it.

  8. If you can skate then nobody cares about your gender, race, or politics. Skateboarding is all about talent and has always been inclusove.

  9. Love the music. If you looking for similar music try Fingathing-Walk in Space. Pretty Lights-Yellow Bird. Toy Box-So Good. Alan Braxe-Time Machine (chateaubriand remix). Blockhead-Farewell Spaceman

  10. I really love this. I skateboard but dropped it after my sister stopped. I NEVER saw girls skateboard at school, only boys, so I felt unmotivated. Seeing this motivates me to skateboard again instead of leaving it at the back of my closet. Thank you. I really needed this.

  11. I love skating so much but I fall a lot but every time I fall I get back up and try again and I’ve told me parents I want to skate for vans because when I go to the store waiting to pay I see the skaters and I’m like I wanna be like that but know I have inspiration to do this thank you vans?

  12. i was bullied out of skating, im so mad it got to me, this vid makes me wanna get back on the board <3 thank you

  13. Please, does someone know the name of the song at 1:14? The classical piano song Mami Tazuka plays?

    Edit: Debussy – Arabesque No.1


  15. Kinda random, but does anyone know the piano piece thats being played for the Japan segment?

  16. Mami Tezuka seemed like a natural born leader for a moment with that Debussy song talking in her native language hahaa.

  17. im a girl who just started skating a few months ago and can barely do an ollie, but this video is super inspirational and i hope to be as good as these chicks one day

  18. “I take a fall and I don’t even feel it”… Slams her head into the pole… ? I doubt I was the only one metaphorically “feeling” it for her. Ouch?

  19. I have #Dreams ? of being an #olegirl on a #skateboard and a #surfboard ?? cuz I do like to ride #waves ?. I have a #unique #style and I feel like I can pull if off cuz I'm #notyouraveragegranny ???????

  20. 1.Your head hit the pillar. Is it okay?
    Please ride carefully.
    2. She's very talented. She's cool.
    3. She has a brilliant trick.
    I want everyone to have fun thinking about their safety.
    Have a nice day.

  21. This is real dope ‘ ?
    This shit got like 80 mil views Thas wats up people gettin more connected to skateboarding ?,is a way of expressing your self in many ways n if you ride you know the feel ?’
    -one love ??

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