Vasco Renna 2017 – Windsurf Family

It’s 1975, I’m in Riva del Garda and I’m fishing, I see something sailing on the water but it isn’t a boat. What is it? It’s a windsurf. This school has been in business for 40 years; it’s a great company. Then the last project: the family I’m married with Gabriella and we have four beautiful children and they are all windsurfers: the windsurf family. This is the best moment of my life, watching my children windsurfing, planing and having fun at lake Garda. I’m Jacopo, the oldest of the brothers and I have been doing windsurfing since I was a child. I’m Riccardo, windsurf for us has become a lifestyle, we started in this school when we were six. The school is located in Torbole, a small town considered the best spot for windsurfing in Italy and known worldwide I’m Nicolò, the youngest of the three brothers. “Who is the strongest?” me! Windsurf is an amazing sport because it allows you to stay outdoors and live lot of emotions. The most exciting part in windsurfing is definitely planing It is a unique feeling, it’s like flying on the water. Every morning beginner classes start at 9. The courses are three hours long until 12, at this time the north wind drops and begins to enter the south wind, perfect for professional windsurfers and for who love this sport. Guys, young people, families we are waiting for you in our center and we have done for many years now this family will try to give you huge feeling: windsurfing.

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