Veterans form surfing family in San Diego

There is a family component to our
program we always say, once you step foot on our sand at an ocean therapy session, you are part of the Jimmy Miller Memorial family. Some have said that they never knew there could be another brotherhood like the Marine Corps. That surfing and you’re
surfing family can also be like your military family. For those participants that take to surfing and surfing becomes kind of a passion of theirs, they realize how that family structure of our foundation was so supportive in their own process, that they come back and
realize by giving back it really enhances their life and their own
transition out of the Marine Corps or just in their daily life as a veteran. To get the feedback from our participants
that this program is meaningful to them, some have actually said it save their
life. When they do constantly come back it’s an honor to our foundation that
that we did make a difference in their lives and that’s the greatest gift anyone could ask for.

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