Vlog #22 Ever changed socks on a ski slope?! – Snowboarding in Italy

Thanks for watching another vlog of NNinWonderland. This time we are going….snowboarding! On the way to Italy. We just took a break in Germany. But look, it’s just like being at a Chinese restaurant. Goodmorning! We are here! We are going into the mountains. Do you see any snow?! Well…me neither! Sooooo….. We are going for a ride. He is working hard. I am renting my shoes. The board I borrowed. So I am ready! Since we don’t know the way… So well prepared… We just following the bus. If the bus stops, we stop. No idea how long it’s gonna take. But we are going to…? exactly. So finally a break. Sooo tired! We worked hard. But we just boarded 2 hours… Italy wouldn’t be Italy without having a pizza. Enjoy! Sun is shining. Finally! But…we are still taking goggles with us. Cause yesterday… Didn’t go that well… Finally we found the apres ski bar. Nice. A 3 balls menu. This should be done. We arrived. Bought a ticket. Half a day. This is what we are going to do. We will start somewhere here. Then we will fly a bit. All the way down. And then we will see what time we arrive. Let’s go up! Day 3. Sellarronda. It hurts everywhere. The only thing I can do… It hurts soooo bad! Have you ever seen this on a ski slope? Let me air out my foot. Cause its so warm. changing socks. I am wearing superthin socks. And my foot is going… So, let me chill a bit. After not only 10 minutes boarding… There we go! The Sellarronda is closed cause of the snowstorms. Final day. But only on the right side. Left butt, right knee. Have you seen what 4 days of snowboarding does to NNinWonderland? Abs is what you get. Not only a blue butt and knee. But also abs. We are on the way home. We worked out hard. All these days. 7 am. We are back. After a 15hours drive. Keep watching. Please follow me. Thanks so much! See you next time!

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