VLOG – KiteWorldWide town house & surfing session

how did you like the evening? bacon and egg after a heavy night of partying Fabi came back between 9 and 10 whoops salaaami everybody’s still a little hungover still headache anyways, we go fishing now were partying yesterday… and today out with our local patrick maybe we’ll have waves no wind, just spending a chilled day at the beach Holáaaaaa film him I think he only speaks spanish stupid from you guys that you didn’t bring shoes I do have shoes We have it proven again that it’s worth it to stick to the locals here in Tarifa does it hurt? you can say what you want and it doesn’t matter how hungover you are Tarifa is just lovely with bait or without bait? yeah with bait, got a fat worm here! fat worm to get fat fish that’s the way but why are you filming, though? because Yung-Fatty is hungover and can’t move not you let’s put it on the hook my knot didn’t sustain.. I threw out and while threwing out it losened Baywaaatch never went fishing but let’s try! don’t you dare to ride through the sand! I’m dying! no, no, stop, linus! drive back on the road! I bet if I try I can ride on two wheels some day he’ll kill me almost hit 90° yeah, 90°, right? 90-60-90° where are we going, what do we do? ZHAAAANG! best store of Tarifaaa some flowers for our apartment? hello it’s me oops haha look, a muzzle for Loni so she’ll finally be quiet Yung Sideboob we’re now in Tarifa’s old town, you see the harbour over there here you see the market place with a small medieval festival today we’re back again here because we’re going to the KiteWorldWide town house it’s in Tarifa’s old town, right next to the clubs and bars and also close to the harbour and the kite spots Loni and me are going to live there for the next days will have a nice time and we’ll have a look now, it’s over there but first we need a place to park how stupid do we look? 10/10 Yung-L living up her name anyway it’s not like this everyday but you often have different festivals or events of the locals. and usually there’s always something to explore Loni, no sweets for you fitness grind! right here, a beautiful bar where you can go and have some Mojitos you like these, don’t you? *giggle* this is the helicopter landing for our drones really nice here! over there is the harbour which we’ve already seen ciao, way too bright well we’ve been here at the KiteWorldWide town us, directly in Tarifa worked and cutted some more Vlogs so you guys have more Vlogs… and now we head to Arte Vida to meet Malte from our 3D-Printing company by the way and we want to try an SUP Foil try to catch some waves for that we’ll wait for high tide I want a Dürüm! bro, make a good price for everybody who doesn’t know: behind me, around 14km away, we already see Morocco you don’t actually see it, wait, yes you do, there wait, I’m zooming in… Just kidding.. how hungry are you? a moment ago you didn’t even want one “Hey guys let’s not eat, not in the mood” go sponsor us tastyyyy let’s go surfing! we finally made it, waves look amazing we needed the whole day to upload Vlogs but we made it so not bad… “stupid Vlogs dude” Anyways we’ll meet Malte we want to go foiling with the SUP yeah yeah, you already told us look, over there! eat some barrels some surfing later we’ll take some shots with the drone barrels are looking good nice and clean waves, not so big but big enough for the SUP now back to the amazing idea of trying the self-built SUP foil we have it over there already and we’ll probably die but we’ll test a bit. the plan is to surf the waves with our SUP foil want to attach it to the fin? it’s supported by the fin had a nice surfing session today and now just chilling and enjoying

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