VLOG#28 : My First Time [after 4.5 Month]

Is there no light here? There probably is, but i dont know where… Sooo dear friends we have found my windsurfing equipment !!!! I am so happy! What about you are you happy? yes happy nothing happened happy as a child she was going fast with 4.8 at the end and a huge smile all the time! Ok so lets go to PT-Academy You know what my foot feels great right now! amazing so windsurfing was good for it thats great The position we want from Lena is for her to pull her shoulderblades back Shoulder retraction, when the electricity comes she activates the muscles by pulling back and the electricity helps with this In windsurfing the shoulders are often far forward especially when you get tired this can lead to quick exhaustion of the trapeze muscles and upper back muscles

11 thoughts on “VLOG#28 : My First Time [after 4.5 Month]”

  1. the color correction is perfect and Lena welcome back to the windsurfing industry. One more PWA championship to go and btw Serhan Abi looks awesome hahahahah.

  2. Remember you survived Jameos, rocks are not a problem. It is so fantastic you are back on the water. Love the new style in the Vlog.

  3. Bu kadar kısa bir sürede suya dönebilmiş olmanıza çok sevindim ben o sörf okulundayım eğer gerçekten bir gün antrenmanimiza katılırsanız çok sevinirim 🙂

  4. Lena, thanks for the motivation from your excellent vlog as I also endure lisfranc injury here in Melbourne Australia. All the best for return to competition.

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