Today Wakeboarding, exceptionally. I have already done twice However, that is already two years ago. And I never get really into it Lets proof today, if i still can’t do it. The second time around completely. I would be happy as f*** but we know: that could be better and also this was not a big performance. It isn’t. Nope! One eternity later Jo, yesterday I was wakeboarding, but why am I doing that? Actually, I started with the snowboard last november. Before that, I was streetboarding for a few years, then I let it be for three years or even four years. Why wakeboard now? It was two years ago when i first tryed it and for me this is actually now the summer compensation for snowboarding. I definitely want to continue snowboarding. So that’s what i really care of. It’s so sick. I love it. But I can’t do it here in the summer. I could drive to Bispingen, there is a Skihall, it is relatively far away, like around 2 hours with the car, and the hall is relatively small, even if the park is cool. I always have to find someone who drives with me there because I do not have a car myself. Public transport does not go there, no train, no bus, nothing. So I need an alternative to get fit, not just to stay fit because I’m not. So far. Also to build a bit more confidence, into the board, balance, training endurance, etc. I noticed last winter that I’m done very quickly. Not even half the day around and my legs hurt, the endurance is gone, no more power in my legs. I noticed that again skateboarding a while ago. I wanted to ride the full distance, 15 kilometre, I did it often ago, but this year i just got the half of the distance and my legs where done. No more power. That’s why I now get into different sports. Wakeboarding is one of them now too, skateboarding anyway. But above all streetboarding. Especially when streetboarding you need a lot of power in the legs to to pop out of the ramps. The whole feeling of riding, how to move, that has totally diminished. You can see that extremely, so I realize that very much, that I miss it completely. I wasn’t good back the days, but it was a lot of fun and I even started at contests, and I was happy every time about the last place. 20 minutes later Yea people, please like and subscribe. Would be epic. Follow me on my mission “getting better” “Epic” mission… “getting better”… Dammit, this channel is really doomed to failure. *laughs*

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