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hello I’m Chris and I’m Sarah we are from jet-setting fool.com we are full time travel bloggers and photographers originally from America [Applause] the city is fantastic it’s a great Walking City which we find it’s one of the best ways to discover new cities to walk and offer when walking is not feasible it has a wonderful and affordable public transportation system and we’ve really enjoyed the outdoor spaces here as well the parks are beautiful there’s some great outdoor space to get out in the nature and enjoy [Applause] it’s a cafeteria style and it’s definitely a very local experience if you’re coming to Warsaw to go to one of the mill flowers and just put your faith in the person at the register and just order because you’ll be surprised at what you get we’ve really enjoyed the craft beer scene the craft beer scene is huge here which is something we hadn’t really anticipated and going to the multi taps and meeting people from all around the city and all around the world is a great gathering place so we’ve had meat and cabbage and potatoes and cheese we did we are trying to need the sweet ones only only the savory but they’ve been absolutely delicious [Applause] we actually rented the city bikes and this was a fabulous experience it was so easy to do and it was so much fun we could just tap in and grab a bike and off we went we actually rode north of the city on the bike trail that follows the river and to a beautiful wooded area and it was just a wonderful morning bike ride so it was great I love the story of the mermaid and how it’s been incorporated into the city coat of arms and how its you see it all over the city I think it’s a fabulous story and it’s just a really it’s a very unique symbol I would say fascinating and proud history that’s way more than one word okay proud energetic and life resilient tasty and beautiful one thing I would take some more start to our country for sure is again the public transit system because that is a very poorly run in our country and it’s also very expensive for what there is available so anytime we come to the city with its amazing public transit system especially the metro don’t forget your camera when you ride the Metro when you visit Warsaw because it is amazing you’ll want to take a lot of photos you [Music]

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  1. I must cingratulate you introduction. Its hard to know where from are english spoken bloggers. Very few informs at the begining of vlogs where are they from.
    Now, knowing you are from USA its easier to understand your expierience.

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