Watch for whales and dolphins when boating

Kia ora, my name’s Dr. Krista Hupman and I’m
a marine ranger for the Department of Conservation. The beautiful Hauraki Gulf, Tikapa Moana is
a gift for all of us. Unfortunately too many of our marine animals
are being injured or even killed by vessels. This includes jet skis, recreational boats
and also larger ships so I need to talk to you about that.
Believe me, I understand how exciting it is to see these beuatiful marine mammals but
if you are lucky enough to see them make sure within 300 metres
you slow down immediately. As you’re approaching whales and dolphins
come in from behind or maybe to the side and dont cut through the middle of the group
and don’t circle around them. They need their space and if you’re lucky
enough they’ll come to you. And if you’re lucky enough to see a whale
keep 50 metres away from them and if there’s a calf in the group make it 200 metres
and as tempting as it is don’t jump in and swim with them you’re putting yourselves and
them at risk. If you see anyone behaving badly around these
beautiful animals I want to know about it. 0800 DOC HOT, call me.

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