WatchMojo’s 10 Year Anniversary MAGAZINE Is Here!

WatchMojo has seen the future of media and it’s print okay so maybe not but as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary we thought why not create a one-time special edition commemorative magazine to celebrate the occasion and give them mojo holic something to hold on to on top of information on the people behind the voices you’ll also get a list of the best albums of the past 10 years the best shows to binge watch and much much more so if you want to hold on to the actual physical copy of the magazine as a collector’s item or simply start a chimney fire you can order it on the watch module store and Amazon but fret not if you don’t want to hurt the trees and prefer something digital you can always download it see you guys next time [Music]

31 thoughts on “WatchMojo’s 10 Year Anniversary MAGAZINE Is Here!”

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  2. While I've only been here a short year, it's been a great one. You guys have introduced me to so many great anime such as Madoka Magica, One Punch Man, and Clannad

  3. Top ten years of WatchMojo, make it happen… someone's gotta say it (I'm assuming I'm not the first to make that joke to be fair)

  4. Well congratulations watch mojo though sometimes your videos sucks but still u are my favorite channel

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