We need to find a refuelling dock – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.097)

And I set it up pointing downwards and
of course the cap fell off into the water and I had to dive in and retrieve
it. It was quite pleasant in there though 24 degrees in the water at the moment so
it’s warmer in the water than it is out here. And where is here? Where are we? Don’t know We don’t know where we are
But we know where we’re going How good’s that? Christmas is coming and it’s my list. I’m not sure about the electric wakeboard
for Christmas Baz, sorry, but I do know that in last week’s episode we left you
guys and gals wondering if we were going to get to Sounion without any more engine trouble … but we do have a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust. Yeah. Which is more than usual How far have we got to go? We’ve still got twelve miles. Okay Let’s go from here to here without incident. Yeah That’s cleared up now hasn’t it? Relieved? Well yeah, I mean I know what it is, it’s something that I’ve suspecting for a long time that’s why it was on the jobs list for this winter. Definitely needs doing. Coz we’re actually getting deisel soot inside the engine bay at the moment So it must be some sort of crack in the exhaust elbow Or something. Or a rusty part of the exhaust elbow
so it’s just a big job that needs to be done
this winter We are back in the anchorage at Sounio
for the third time and what a difference a day makes
well it’s not really a day it’s probably more like three or four weeks isn’t it? Yeah
Last time we were here there were just yachts and yachts and yachts. Today we’ve
arrived it’s five past three in the afternoon and there is us and one other
boat here. That’s it. Yeah. So we had the choice of where we wanted to anchor but
we decided that seeing as we anchored here twice and had no problems we’d do the
same thing again and anchor in the same spot because I think if
something’s working yeah, just stick with it Coz there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else that’s better sheltered from any swell that comes in from the ferry so here’s as good a place as any Actually it’s all right at the moment
we’ve got about five knots of wind coming out of the west there and
so that’s pointing as out towards the opening which means that we’re bows to any swell that’s coming in anyway. Should be good. Sweet! So you’re gonna go and dive the anchor?
I am. Just in case. Yeah and I know that I won’t get run over today
no chance. It was a bit dicey last time Okay going. All right The anchor, you can just see the roll bar
and most of the shaft is covered so the anchor is firmly set. What about the prop
and keel any signs of any stuff around either of them? No nothing. So more than likely that
issue is the exhaust elbow getting sooted up [Loud voice comes over VHF Radio]
Yeah and just like he said, yeah. Yeah. Whatever the man said. Whatever the man said Wednesday morning, another mostly
windless day, it’s pretty calm out there We’re off to fill up the fuel tank today
as we do another three-hour hop to Porto Rafti we will go past a marina and
they’ve got a fuel dock which is fairly easy to get onto and off where we can
top off all fuel tanks and I’ll give you a breakdown of why and our reasoning
behind topping off our fuel now You might find this interesting. As we left Sounion we were 117 nautical miles away from our haul out destination
at Limni If there was no wind that would be 24 hours of motoring which would
consume 120 litres of diesel. Our fuel tank was less than half full at 82 litres
therefore we needed to stop somewhere soon to fill up the tank I can’t get in there As there was another boat at the fuel dock Baz turned A B Sea around in the confined space
and we headed back out to wait our turn When we get up close you ask them out how
long they think that they’ll be there refuelling With 20 knots of wind on our nose we
decided we may have a better sail if we tacked however the wind gods had other ideas So much for tacking. You’ve just don’t know do you The bow is all over the place The wind can come and go and you can see out there that it’s probably less than 10 now 1.3 knots of speed
Motor sail? Well that would defeat the whole object of sailing.
It would wouldn’t it! Coz we’re actually sailing to save fuel so motor sailing is the same thing so if we put the motor on we might
as well just go straight to where we want to go. Yeah. I’ve not got enough
head way to keep the bow in line. Yeah What you want to do captain?
It’s a tough call I need the wind speed to make headway
to keep the bow in line, to keep the sails pointed high into the wind but it looks like the wind’s actually
dropping quite a lot. 15 knots of apparent wind and
I’m doing 2.6 knots of speed which again defeats the whole object of what we were
doing in the first place. So now it’s gonna take us four hours instead of two So I think what we’re going to do is
we’re gonna say bugger it and put the engine on, point at Porto Rafti, put the bloody
sails away and damn the wind. It’s so frustrating He feels very strongly about that Windy said we were going to have less
than five knots of wind today. Windy was telling porky pies wasn’t it Baz? Oh very
big porky pies. We had 20 knots of wind on the nose today. Windy sometimes I just
don’t know what you’re thinking Anyhoo we’re here, we’re at Porto Rafti again, it’s about nearly three o’clock in the
afternoon, it took a little bit longer than we expected so we’re glad we left
early. We did manage to refuel on the way so that was always good and we got here
with enough light so that we could miss the weed and find a sandy patch. Yeah
So we’re in. We’ve moved slightly off where we usually anchor because a lot of
people swim there and as you saw in a previous video we had a few difficulties
last time with a guy who was snorkeling too close as we were trying to leave. Yes
So we’ve come off there and gone into slightly deeper water but that’s fine
we’re expecting the wind to drop and just like the camera. Did you say that?
Camera’s gone [nods]. Camera’s had enough So we are expecting the wind to drop and we
might stay here for two days. Yeah get a bit more work done before we do the next
thing although I think it would be wise to check the other wind prediction sites
just to be sure to be sure. Yeah. So, off we go. Off we go. I’m gonna have a cup of tea now and a slice of cake. Slice of … that’d be
nice Lovely to see you again too and thanks. Maybe see you up the Channel. Yeah yeah Next round’s on us.
Have a good trip! Good morning! It’s Friday and we’re just leaving Porto Rafti and we’re making our way over
to Evia island and we going to an anchorage called Strongilo
It’s about 20 nautical miles away so at our speed it’s probably going to take
about four hours. There’s not really very much wind, we haven’t come out of Porto Rafti itself just yet but there’s no wind predicted. Well we how accurate they can be!
But the sea looks very calm and flat out there so we figure we’ll
probably be motoring most of the way Anyway when we get there we’ll have
another little chat and tell me how long it took Haha! It seems my calculations were a little
bit out because we’ve been going a bit faster than we thought
Oh yeah, it’s been quite good We’ve been doing about 5.9, 6.1 knots, it’s just dead flat, I think the wind is probably around about five or six knots so not
really an issue and it’s been a very easy three hour hop really hasn’t it?
Yeah it’s been lovely the sea is so calm Yeah. There’s a bit of traffic around but
not much. We’re the only yacht we’ve seen I reckon this time of year any yachties
that still out are probably going south because I have noticed today that there
is a bit of a chill factor in that breeze isn’t there?
We’ve both got our hoodies on Hoodies, slippers … Winter is coming Aye, winter is coming You know nothing Jon Snow So we’re about an
hour away from our destination and hopefully there’ll be nobody else there
and we’ll just be able to anchor where we plan to anchor. Yep apparently it’s 45 metres of sand. Sand!! We love sand Yeah looking forward to it actually.
It’s been a nice kind of relaxing, cruisy. Chilly like chilled chilled Chilled and chilly. Yeah. Alright when we get there we’ll show you what it looks like Absolutely no need to dive the anchor because the water’s so clear here we can
actually see the anchor and she’s definitely dug in Well I just had my early morning bath
I was setting up the GoPro at the bow to film the anchor and
anchor chain coming up and I’d forgotten to take the little protective cap off
the outside cover of the housing and I set it up pointing downwards and of
course the cap fell off into the water and I had to dive in and retrieve it. It was
quite pleasant in there though, 24 degrees in the water at the moment so it’s
warmer in the water than it is out here and where is here? Where are we?
Don’t know. We don’t know where we are. We know where we’re going.
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15 thoughts on “We need to find a refuelling dock – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.097)”

  1. well, sometimes it just has to be said….bugger! cuz it's it is all too much……but then it all resolves and I can't quite remember what all the fuss was about. For myself, I suspect old age and not wisdom..

  2. Hi Baz
    Can you tell me what type and brand on chart plotter you have, I bought a Gamin striker 5 for our little boat the other day and I installed that yesterday with with transducer etc, also wondering if you still have your scuba gear and compressor as it would seem scuba very rarely gets mentioned in your video’s
    Thanking you.

  3. Like sailors through two and three quarters millennia, I'm enthralled by view of Poseidon's Temple on the heighted rocky crag. When sailors of old saw it – they knew they were home.
    Feels good to know that my meager Patreon contribution got you about 5 minutes worth of motoring. Take it easy!

  4. Just before you go on the dry, flush your holding tanks thoroughly several times,at the last flush ( you can use some antibacterial stuff ) used some vegetable oil that keeps things from sticking.
    Helps for foul smell when you come back and perhaps some maintenance at you toilets .
    Wipe all your Stainless steel with WD40 or a silicon spray.
    By the way it is helpful when you have left over salad dressing to flush that trough the toilets .

  5. "Bugger" is such a nicer word than I'm likely to use. 😶 Windy sure would get an ear full. Is Predict Wind more reliable than Windy?
    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and Black Friday didn't put you in the Red! 🤭

  6. 👍👍 Liked this one guys. Just out of interest how well does AB sea point in say 15-17 knots apparent? can you get down to say 25-30 degrees? interested to know how low you can go and at what speed. Our rigs a bit different so we like to know these things. Sail Safe. Ant, Cid & the Pooch crew.

  7. Question to do with patreon…if another boating youtube chanel becomes your.patreon do u then feel obliged to patreon back ? Therefore not really gaining any extra momey was interested to know?

  8. Windy looks nice but isn't much accurate. We were in trouble once because we trusted Windy. From this time it's our backup weather forecast.

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