We Skated on Indestructible Sheets of Ice

(upbeat music) – Are we there? We’re not there yet are we? – [Man] We’re not there yet. – This is HockeyShot synthetic ice. It doesn’t melt, but you can
skate on it like real ice. HockeyShot sent us
hundreds of these tiles, and challenged us to skate the length of 10 hockey rinks without stopping. We’ve got ’til Friday to figure out how to skate 2,000 feet across these. Each tile is one and a
half by one and half feet. Here’s the thing, we have 400 tiles. – I’m not quick at math, but
that doesn’t seem like enough. – It’s not enough.
It’s not enough. – So, if we make our track one tile wide we can get 600 feet. If we make it two wide it
drops down to only 300. And if we do three tiles
wide it’s 200 feet. – Yeah, I feel like you could
skate 200 feet pretty quickly. – The only real requirements
for the challenge are that the skater keeps
skating the whole time, and the puck stays on
the ice the whole time. Imagine this, you know, it’s pretty far. What you can do is we
could kind of lift this up and then you run this up
to the front of the line as the guy’s skating, and
you put that back down. The skater could just
sort of be, you know, going back and forth while they’re waiting for that, you know, next
section of tile to be laid down. We’ve got a whole bunch
of tile out in the studio. It’s just been delivered. – Whoa.
– All right, okay. – So that’s the 18 inch tile. They also make a four
foot by four foot tile. Which would be awesome for us. – Should we just use a bunch of these? – [Man] Yeah. – We would need 500 of
these four foot tiles if we wanted to go 2,000 feet. – It’s a good thing we have one. – We have one. – HockeyShot also makes
this smooth edging. Like if you are making your own rink in your garage or wherever. You can put these on the edges. – [Jon] They’ve got
these puck stoppers too, which will stop the pucks from
sliding off your garage rink. – [Jamie] Let’s bust out
these synthetic ice tiles and do some practicing. – So bizarre. I am ice skating in our 70 degree studio. I’m sweating. So it’s a little bit
more friction than ice. But I feel like that would
be really good for training to like build up your leg
strength and things like that. (chill music) – We still have like five
more boxes of tiles left. I say we just like see
how far we can go with it. I wish laying tile on
the house was this easy. – You could tile your house with this. – Yeah. – We’re gonna attempt to take a puck from Studio B to Studio
A, shoot it in that goal. – I’ve never played hockey in my life. So we’re figuring it out. (upbeat music) (laughing)
– Nice. – [Man] Nobody saw that. – [Kara] We’re setting up
a practice track right now. (chill music) – First test, first test coming up. I brought in enough tiles
for about a 30 foot strip, and I wanna see how far we
can like railroad track it in 10 minutes, so I
can figure out how long it’s gonna take us to go 2,000 feet. (clattering) So we’ll take off like a
couple tiles from the back, and bring ’em up to the
front, and lay ’em down. – [Man] Confidence level, one out of 10? – Of this working?
– Yup. – This method?
– Yup. – Give it about a one. – A one, bro what! – It’s gonna work great. – Okay, here we go. (upbeat music) – Oh god, it already broke. – Do you want me to set it down. – Just go Kara! Get the next one. – [Kara] But he’s not ready. – [Jamie] I don’t care we gotta go. – Just go. – [Jamie] Go Kara, go. – [Kara] I’m already out of breath. – Holy crap. – My shoe’s untied. Can I tie my shoe? Andy, can you tie my shoe
while you’re down there? Oh my god. – If I could just pull ’em off. You know what I mean? Why am I coming all the way up here, Kara? – Because let’s be
realistic, we’re not gonna be able to run for 20 hours straight. – I went to art school,
I’m not an athlete. – How long has it been?
– It’s been four minutes. – It’s been four minutes. Look at how far we’ve
gone, we’re doing great. – All this ice skating is tiring. – Getting a lot of cardio in right now. – Time.
– Time. – Okay, our 10 minute test just concluded. I wanna kinda pace it off and see how far we got in 10 minutes. Look at that, almost
70 feet in 10 minutes. So if we have to go 2,000 feet, divided by 70, times 10, it would take us 285 minutes, 4.75 hours. But this was just the first test. This can be done. We can do this. We just need to sort of
improve it a little bit. You know, I’ve ripped this piece off and I bring it up to the front,
and I’ve gotta, you know, line this up, and put it on. There’s no way you can do that
as quick as Joey can skate. – What if we just didn’t
have to connect ’em again? What if we just moved them? So he’s skating along. And then he gets to the
end here and he goes hop. And then we slide this
up to the other side. And then you skate, skate,
skate, skate, skate, hop. – Instead of taking the same 30 foot track and rebuilding it, we just
take two 30 foot tracks and we just slide ’em. – We might have to see, you know, the weight of all those tiles together. – Yeah, we’ll have to
see how much we can drag. Let’s see. (grinding) Oh! – It works.
– It works. – I feel like we should’ve
thought of that first. – We know we can pull 30
feet of track with our hands. But can we pull it with that? – It’s pulling up and on the edges. Maybe we could just hook
up to like maybe closer in. Yeah. – It’s working! – It’s not awkward either. Are we making this harder
than it needs to be? Should we just… – Should we just walk with it?
– Yeah. (grinding) (laughing) Just cut that whole Segway part out. All right well, we
figured out how to do it. Now we just have to figure out where. – I was just here last week. I think it might actually be perfect. – That would be really cool. I think we have to do it there. – I think we do too. (chill music) – We are about to cross
the Mississippi River, in the summer, on ice skates. Let’s do this. (clapping)
– Let’s do it, let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Adam] How you feeling? – Tired, tired. But we can do it. – [Man] Bike. – All right, so we’re taking a break because we had some traffic. – We can do it.
– We can do it. (yelling) – You know, it’s gonna be a lot harder on the guys pulling the
ice than it is Joey. He’s got a sweet ride. – [Joey] All these rocks here, I don’t know if you can see ’em. They’re kinda jumping up on the ice. So, we’re gonna sweep all that off. – We’re in Illinois. We just ice skated across
the state of Missouri… Line. Over the line. (upbeat music) (cheering) – Good work, good work, good work. – We did it. We made the goal. – That was tough. – Did you have fun? – Yeah. Did you have fun? – Yeah, I had fun. – I’m pretty impressed.
– Mission accomplished. – Yeah, I’m feeling pretty
proud of ourselves right now. – Oh yeah. (chill music) – When it comes to being the best, perfect practice makes perfect. But you’re ice time is limited, so up your game with
HockeyShot synthetic ice that you can skate on. Unlike real ice,
HockeyShot ice never melts. But otherwise the durable surface is the closest thing
you can get to a rink. The self-lubricating
tiles will last for years, and the symmetrical interlocking design makes putting them together a snap. You can set up your synthetic ice surface in the basement, garage, driveway, (phone ringing) or just about anywhere you feel like getting in some reps. Train with the tenacity of the pros, and develop your skills, so you can make the shot when it counts. Improve your performance
with unlimited ice time, and join the HockeyShot revolution. The Blues took care of business last night in Game seven of the Stanley Cup. I don’t know how many times we can work that into this video. Speaking of hockey rinks, the Blues won the Stanley
Cup last night, what? The St Louis Blues, Stanley Cup Champions. ♪ Vat19.com ♪

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