We Turned A Car Into A Swimming Pool (FLOODED HOUSE)

Gafs gonna come back any moment now, you are not ready for today’s Governor to explain the video what we do in man. We are turning this this car into a leisure center We love swimming. We love water. So why not turn a fucking car into a swimming pool? Y’know what I’m saying My missus was laying there Yo bro your nan, yeah eats pork scratchings Look what I’ve got? Oh Gaffers coming Gaffer’s a prick! Gaffer’s a prick! Oh wind screen wash, here we go, there you go. put the dark fruits in there, top banter lads There you go Down it! Down it! Down it! Gaffer’s coming! Gaffer’s coming! Yo yo mate, mate you are too much mate, swear to god There’s no way to explain this just watch the entire video and and you’ll see how we’re going to do this it’s about to get fucked Probably the best video on our YouTube channel Prabhu Oi brothers, do you lot want sausage rolls wayyyy, Sausage rolls! sausage rolls! sausage rolls! safety first. Just whipping like the inside to the roof of the insulation that you have in the car the roofs like that fabric material Ripping that there and so we can rip the metal roof roof Asti. Got this much. My name’s fucking Steve smell bad boys Sharp edges to this metal That we’ve been like whatever Once realign ourselves in there without is booked a protecting us from it really should be slicing our back to bits man I’ve never seen somebody go so far with DIY for a YouTube video I urge you to like this video more than I’ve ever heard you to like a fuckin video in the past efforts We’ve got to for this video another level. No one like equals one. Colin Furze duct tape, really It’s like just a place layer for just to make sure that the shot bits aren’t fully fully Protruding and this is what we’re gonna use to line the edges so that you really don’t get any damage Done to you when you climb in or out of this thing, okay? I’m surprised nothing bad has happened yet, something will happen in this, like i’ll drown. You’ll drown in this car? No signals, I’m drowning more hydrated. Ah, yes Steal mate We’re gonna tie you up it’s full of metal dust So we’re gonna give this bitch a who that pursue the fuck wants a crummy swimming pool You know I’m saying, where’s the Hoover my turn on gas? Now literally all we have to do see or every single crevice Crevice or if it’s whole vagina in the car. Yeah. Don’t forget the ball and the ear. Oh I’m exhausted Yes, exactly. We defeat it all with hot glue silicone and expanding foam So none of the water can escape when we fill this Mitchell. Oh, yeah without tarpaulin as well We’re gonna cover the floor in this shit So the water can’t soak into the coffee and then like leave the bottom of the car Yeah, because after this video we’re gonna empty the water. I’m gonna put this car on also I’ll try to see how much we can get there’s metal dust in the air guys on the field or on Inhaling or in man semen or d me? Should see what mrs We’ve nearly died from toxic poisoning from these fucking tubes of Satanists shut the garage doors in the back paws and the fumes in the room were shredded a layer of my eye socket Ah, that is solid now the next step. Yeah is to layer the floor All I do is put top corner down on the floor inside the car now, so the water doesn’t escape through the floor Yo guys the next day yesterday was a tough tough shift There was a lot of minerals in the air one good cross sweat to have a breakup wanna chew up a ball Fuck it gaffers a wanker Just don’t come over here with that shit get out. He’s jabbing If this car falls yet most schools go look like fucking Slush puppy patrovita save as possible on the house at bhai B’s on in case my nan can’t see me She walked through here sometimes because remember it’s a pedestrian route Yeah, 15 minutes only two though, when did you guys get here? Oh five minutes oh my god. Yeah, I’m fine Well, I heard I his wife don’t even make you sound with his I’ve already Mrs Oh What the fuck Heard that she said to hurt him and then he said to Gavin just new happens at this place Well, I got asked out by the way calling go don’t call me Gavin you dog. You don’t call him Gavin or on Gavin He’s Gabby’s like if you mix to swap them with there’s big arguments We just practice and then we just don’t get our Christmas bonuses. So just just just clear that up. Yeah, Susan Yeah – Johnny the accountant. Yeah, it’s guy. Does it let us know that we hit 200 90,000 logs on this video? Yeah, none of us. I’m getting that bank holiday more now Right, so yeah we get paid off Big big leak and it’s a big big problem guys The tarpaulin insiders fell down and all the wars just fell out the side of it inside Er, this is literally one of the old video is about guys We’re having to duct tape all the car fall into the sides of the inside of this party That is guys watch this watch while I’m okay. I’m going to show you a deep. The footwell is already Yeah, it came up to there on my own And you know what you’re not the most important thing is about three pay rises in the process of this football video Or do you call that I call that timing off? Look. Do you know what we’re having a girl? Fuck it out? It’s off, you know We don’t drink beer you Know oh Did you carry both the guys There’s so much water call me dude, that’s fuck that is wrong boys marine and a fucking straight It’s gone down the whole street I know everybody’s ladies at the end of a video will please like Just so fucking much for us the sense we’ve got for this video, please like subscribe And also guys don’t forget to take out the trash See ya in a bit

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  1. Absolutely funny as fuck tgf u guys are the funniest YouTubers in the history of YouTube u guys are fucking funny as fuck

  2. It’s good video and all yeah but why did you call dark fruits ‘beer’ your pissing me off i’ll slap ya nan into Cambodia


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