Wednesday, November 27

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin ♪ ♪ How you doin ♪ Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. Thank you. (audience cheering and clapping) Welcome to our show. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) Hey, I love it. I love it. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay, let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) So Kim K. is promising to stop posting sexy selfies in 2020. (audience awing) I’m very upset by this. Okay, so she sat down with New York Magazine and she says, like, this is a sexy selfie. Whether she’s naked or not, this is still sexified to me, only ’cause what she’s done to her body, it’s like, damn. (audience laughing) Okay, so she says the decision was partially influenced by all of the work that she has done with the White House. You know, she’s getting carried away with the law, plus she’s a mom, I would imagine that enters it, she’s a mom, and also, look, she’s 39. You know what I mean? We forget. But to me, she doesn’t have to stop. Like Kim, you can’t help that you’re sexy, even when you’re walking around with your kids. Did you see that pose with she and the kids? One before this. She’s fully covered. You know, a nun is as covered as that, you know what I mean?
(audience laughing) Kim, you can’t help who you’ve become and I just say, go with it. She doesn’t wanna post any more bikini shots. Do we have that one? Yeah, we do. The one with the slingshot, uh okay. (audience disgruntling) But to me, there’s no difference between that shot and the shot where she’s wearing the head-to-toe leotard, or out on a play date with her kids. It’s all sexified. There’s no denying, you know. She says, “I wanna live more in the moment.” (audience laughing) What she was saying in the article, or to the New York Times person, she was saying, “I used to go places and the first thing that I would do “is say, ‘oh my gosh, that mountain setting is beautiful “‘I’m gonna come back here and take pictures, “or ‘oh my gosh, this poolside is beautiful, “‘let’s find out what time the sun sets, “‘I gotta get out there.'” She was obsessed with the scenery and wanting to take selfies and pictures and be photographed in things like that. (audience laughing) I say keep going. (audience clapping) But let me take an authentic Wendy poll, we like to poll around here. Clap at 39 if you feel as though it is time for her to stop taking the sexies and be more serious. (audience clapping) Okay. A few haters, either they,
(audience laughing) okay. None of you got the body, so therefore, okay. And there are a few of you who clapped, a couple of the men who, you know, (audience laughing) how they do it. No, Kim, keep it goin’. (audience clapping) Keep it going. I don’t look at her any different, as a matter of fact, to me, it makes it more phenomenal that she goes from the White House to a string on the beach and still looks great, it makes her, to me, more like wow, look at her go, right? (audience cheering and clapping) Alls I’m sayin’. Okay, so Dennis is gonna have a reality show. Well I was telling you about this or… (audience disgruntling) By the way, a happy birthday to my manager Bernie. His birthday…
(audience cheering) Bernie and Dennis look just alike, if we can get back to that picture, yes. And I know, I know, right? Bernie is such a comforting person to me and my new life, and I didn’t give him, his birthday was actually yesterday, I forgot to say it and everything. I mean, I gave him a hug privately. (audience giggling) But I’ve been so busy and I’m not on that gift thing anymore, Susanne. You know, I’ll give you a gift and stuff like that, and so I said, “Bernie, you know,” but we have a date on Sunday. Oh good, good.
Yeah, but Bernie’s like, “You already gave me my gift,” I’m like, “What’s that?” He’s like, “This.” Aww. Aha, like being here and being out of the house, you know what I’m sayin’?
(audience clapping) He’s the man. Me and Bernie.
He’s the man. Bernie and I have so much fun, he’s like the uncle that you wish you always had. You know what I mean? Right, Norman? I love Bernie. Everybody here loves him too. My mother and father love him, my son loves him and trusts him, with his mom, and all bit. So on Sunday, Bernie and I are going to see the Nets break somebody’s ass, I forgot who plays.
Oh my God, oh no. Yeah, we have a full date, yup. Me and Berns. Oh yay, Bernie. Happy belated birthday, Bernie. (audience clapping) But anyway, so here’s Dennis, right? So Dennis is Drake’s dad. Dennis doesn’t say how old he is, he will not. Like, I asked him confidentially, look, look Dennis, how old are you? He said, “No,” which I find that to be weird, like people who don’t say their age, even when you do it in confidence like this, like “Wendy, I’ll tell you how old “but please don’t tell the people,” ’cause I wouldn’t tell the people. This sounds good, though, right here, when I talk like this, right? (audience giggling) Attention everybody. Dennis is in talks with two networks to help him find a soulmate. (audience giggling) And so, I was asked in our meeting, do I think that Drake is upset by this? And I said no. You know, Dennis was in and out of Drake’s life. In and out of his life.
In and out of his life, so now he’s in, and Dennis has his own social life, he doesn’t cause trouble, he just shows up every place, you know? Dennis is a cool dude but he knows how to play his position, I guess as far as… Oh! (audience chattering) You know. Like dress the part,
(audience laughing) but dad, but dad,
(audience laughing) excuse me, sir, you got some nerve. (audience clapping) No. You got some nerve. Now you’re younger than, you’re on your way to Dennisdom. (audience laughing) All right. You got on a hat and a full cape. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) You’re more his son than Drake is. (audience laughing) Would you watch this show? I would watch this show but they gotta make it available to me. Now I would like to see this maybe on Zeus or something like that ’cause then the lineup could be Blac Chyna, and then the Tokyo Toni Show, and then the Dennis show, or something like that. But I hear he’s actually in talks with WE tv. Oh. Which is easier for me ’cause I actually get that on my channel. Anyway Dennis, good luck finding love.
(audience clapping) I’ll watch.
(audience clapping) At least one of three episodes. You got some nerve. (audience laughing) This is the last day before Thanksgiving and then our show goes on break until following Monday, so I’m multi-tasking again, Andrews is here. Come on, Andrews. (audience clapping) Yeah. ‘Cause when I sign off, I’m signing out, I’m going home with this entire outfit, I can’t take it anymore.
(audience laughing) Kim Richards has broken the sister code, and no matter what you think, I still stick by, I didn’t even have to think about this over the weekend. Kim went to Lisa Vanderpump’s dog foundation gala and it was thrown by her sister’s worst enemy and that would be Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump do not get along. If you have a sister and you care anything about her, the worst thing you could do is violate the sister code by going to her enemy’s party or, look, this is the gala, and watch, they’re not just talking but you don’t see arms flailing like an argument. Then they break talk and they actually pose for pictures. Oh. If I were Kyle, I would be pissed. Kim, you should’ve known better. I don’t blame Vanderpump, though, ’cause she’s a sneaky snake. (audience laughing) You know what I’m sayin’, and all she did was bait Kim and Kim was less than smart enough to fall for it. Even if you got the invitation, Kim, and you called Kyle and said, “Kyle, I was invited. “Do you mind if I go?” Even that’s a violation. You should, right? You shouldn’t even have to ask your sister about something like that. We as a nation know that Kyle and Vanderpump do not get along. Kim, you’re not a good sister, in this particular case. But I like you, Kim, and I like you, Kyle, I also like Vanderpump, but this mess right here should not have happened. (audience clapping) You goin’ back to Chicago for Thanksgiving? No, I’m actually going to Jersey, to a friend’s house in Jersey. Oh. Is it gonna be a soiree or just the two of you intimately? No, it’s a whole family situation. Oh, your mom’s coming to town? No, no, no, going to visit my friend’s family. Oh, it’s a friendsgiving. Yeah. Well that’s fun.
Yeah. Why didn’t you go to Chicago, we have time off. ‘Cause I go in Christmas, and that’s like two weeks away, so I have to go like, I know.
yeah. The holidays are too close together. I know.
Yeah, so I choose Christmas. I got so many different flight schedule, like I lost count. Yeah (giggling). I’m going to my sister’s. Aww, nice.
Yeah. I don’t know, everybody’s responsible for bringing a dish, Uh oh.
which I like, though. No, not uh oh, right?
(audience laughing) ‘Cause Young Kev, he’s plant-based, so he’s making the sweet potatoes, he’s perfected the recipe, already talked to me about it, he’s making sweet potatoes, and me, those cooking days are over but there’s this place that makes very delicate lamb chops. Mmm. (audience laughing) So they’re more from the appetizer, you know what I’m sayin’? So everybody fills up and who cares about the tur, like I don’t care about the meal, I like the stuff before. So I’m bringing the lamb chops and I’ll stop at the grocery store before and get the mint jelly. Mmm. Mm-hmm, lamb chops for everybody. And then, I also ordered from the same place that makes excellent stuff, sausage stuffing, ’cause not everybody doesn’t like sausage, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m talking about the real deal, you know. Come on, why do we all have to suffer? (audience laughing) And my mom is making succotash, which I love succotash and nobody makes it like Shirley. And you know, everybody’s bringing something over and it’s just gonna be one of those days, we’re gonna dress the way we want, you know what I mean? Nobody post anything on Facebook without everybody in the room knowing what you’re posting, and it’s just fun. Like I was supposed to have everybody here but I don’t want my parents going to the airport and flying and stuff, so I’ll just agonize and do it, like I’ll just be tuggin’ and pullin’ and… (everybody laughing) and avoiding. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) And then the day after Thanksgiving is a big party day, so when you see me on Ocean Avenue, say what’s up. (audience laughing) Okay? (giggling) Mel B., everybody. Oh Gosh. All right, this is kind of a complicated story but not really. Mel B. wants multiple partners to serve her different needs. Oh. (Wendy laughing)
(audience laughing) Okay, hold on. Here’s what she said on her Truth Flirts podcast. In an ideal world, you’d have this person there for your emotional support, you’d have that person there for your intimacy, I would like to think
How about yourself? that there’s one person that could Cover the whole.
encompass everything, but I’m like three marriages later, three kids later, I’m thinking, is there ever that one person that just can have everything? Oh. Clap if you think that there’s one person who has everything from you. (audience clapping) Wow. Wow. (audience clapping) You know, honestly I used to think that in old life, but then new life happened and I think,
(audience laughing) no, no, no, no but then new life happened and I have a particular amount of maturity and I do a lot of thinking, I thought before, but more thinking, and I think that there is not one person who can satisfy everything. I think that, and I’ve always subscribed to this, even when I was a little girl, you should start by being your own best friend. All right, that’s first and foremost. (audience clapping) And then, and then, in all of life I thought, you know, then you get married and have children, and that man or that woman is your other part of just you. But now I feel like, no, that’s not the way it is. Like in new life, because I’m a particular age, I’m not investing all of that, that I did, in my younger years in raising a family and stuff, in another man, I’ll invest just enough. So it’s me first being my own best friend still, always. Then, then
(audience clapping) after that, it’s romance and I would like romance with intellect. I would like that, you know what I mean?
(audience clapping) (Wendy giggling) You know, in all of life, sometimes you take a dumbbell, you got dumb boyfriends or you know, just a guy ’cause he’s hot, or you know, whatever. But I need romance and intellect on the same page, I need to have a conversation, and then after that, a bunch of silly friends that you do stuff with, like you know, hey, I’m callin’ Jackie because she makes me laugh this way, or I’m calling Morny, ’cause she makes me laugh this way, or I’m calling Beth because I felt the lump and I know she’s a cancer survivor and I wanna talk, you know what I mean? When she says it, why do I always go to the sex part, you know what I mean? Like okay, you want a girl for this and a man for that. You know, but Mel is a particular age, how old is Mel now? 44.
She’s 44. And she looks good, but Mel wants to move back to England as well because she can’t find work here. Well no, it’s not a Joe Judy’s thing. (audience laughing) But it kinda is in the same lane, kinda, sort of. Mel has only been here in America because she has a working visa. She’s not a citizen and her working visa expires in February, and she’s like, “Well now what am I going “to do for money?” You know, they fired her from America’s Got Talent last year, which was a mistake, by the way. You know, she was really good on that show, and then they hired Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough? Correct. And then they both recently got fired. Correct.
(audience laughing) Or something. So now, I mean, America’s Got Talent, even if she knocks on your door, you can’t hire her back ’cause once you fire somebody, it’s just kinda like you know, you’re admitting you made a mistake. By the way, Heidi Klum, okay, ’cause they let her go too, along with Mel, they were two really good judges, here she is, this is what I wanted to show you. Me and my style squad didn’t break down her look at the American Music Awards, but I thought this was one of the hottest outfits on the red carpet. (audience clapping) I would love to wear that outfit in 32 seconds, I would love to. Anyway, I don’t know what she’s going to do for money but I gotta tell you, Mel, I don’t know why you’re talking like this. In February, if your visa runs out, what are you going to do? Take your kids and go to England? Your monster ex-husband, Stephen, he has custody still, Wednesdays and alternate weekends, we talked about this before on the Hot Topics. Wednesday, he’s not gonna let her go, Norman. He is not. Even if he doesn’t care about the kids, just to ruin her life.
Right. Yeah.
(Norman chuckling) I don’t know what she’s going to do. She says she has work already lined up in England, but you know, she’s got kids who are young, she’s got like a three-year-old or something like that, an eight-year-old, yeah.
Yeah, that’s another thing. The kids have already made friends here in America and in their neighborhood and in their school system. You better get that American visa and find a job here, (audience clapping) so you can deal with that ex-husband of yours, Stephen, and keep your kids settled. Oh no.
(audience laughing) 44 is too old to be moving around, you know what I mean? There comes a certain point in your life, like you’ve moved around enough and you know exactly where you wanna live and retire and stuff. Like for me, it’s all about this tri-state area in New York, I’m like, I’m not movin’. If I got a call,
(audience clapping) I am not moving. Like I go to Miami, it’s cute to visit and not a snowboard. You know, there’s a lot of good stuff going on in L.A. but I’m not movin’, you know what I mean? I’m stuck in my ways and I love it here. Listen, that’s it for Hot Topics. All right.
(audience clapping) We have more great show for you, everybody, up next, the very funny Lea DeLaria is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. Please welcome Lea DeLaria. (audience cheering)
(uplifting music) Welcome back. (uplifting music) I’m so happy to be here, girl, I’m so excited.
Oh my God. Woo, woo. (audience cheering) Oh. Excuse me, shoe cam, please. (dreamy music) Yes, shoes with the socks matching the tie and the suit. When last we talked, it was right before 4th of July. Can I just say one thing before you say anything else?
Okay. Wendy, if you don’t mind. You just said that Mel B. is interested in multiple partners, to handle multiple needs, I mean!
Are you there for her? (audience cheering) I need Mel. I need Mel. Do I get to choose which need, is all I wonder about. (audience and Wendy laughing) When last we saw, though,
(Lea laughing) you bought this place in Provincetown.
Provincetown, and literally I was like, okay, I gotta go, 4th of July, it’s gonna be lit, I gotta go, everybody’s gonna be there, it sounded a ball. I couldn’t find anybody to go with, I was scared to come by myself. But Rosie and I were there, we would’ve taken care of you.
I know, I know, but there would be so many people, I didn’t wanna have to go through a crowd to figure out where you guys were. How’s that all goin’? Well it’s currently closed for the winter and then we’ll open in April for the new season, and yeah, yeah. I just seriously wanna ask the question, though, what was I thinking, Wendy? What?
I am 61 years old. I had money in the bank, I had a great career ahead of me, I could’ve just done my job but no, I had to buy a freaking club. Yeah, a lot of responsibility. I am tired. (audience laughing) But not for Mel B.
(audience laughing) Oh, all right now. So it’s Thanksgiving Eve, where’s the party? I’m not gonna tell you where and I’m not gonna tell you who, because we get descended upon, but it’s myself and a bunch of girls from Orange and we’re gonna just have a little party. Nice.
We have a little group, we have a, yeah. (audience cheering and clapping) Is this your first time doing this? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no,
For Thanksgiving? We’ve been doing this since the show started. We have a little group, we call ’em the Orange is the New Brunch, and we choose different brunch places and we go on Sundays, and we daytime drink, which is my favorite activity, absolutely, and we drink and eat and end up, and most usually, at the Cubbyhole, in the village, is where we go. Why are you saying that? (audience laughing) Because the Cubbyhole is the bomb. Did I just say da bomb? I did.
(audience laughing) Because you just said the place. I wanted to say something else but I was pretty sure I couldn’t say the language. So when you’re all together, the fans descend on you, are you able to eat and drink comfortably or is it a situation ’cause people are taking selfies and bothering ya? People take selfies and they bother us but we are all gracious to our fans because we love you, we love our fans. (audience clapping) And in fact, on more than one occasion, the fans were so generous of us that they would pick up the check for the brunch. That’s happened on more than one occasion. Oh well now, that’s a lot of money.
See, we love our fans, ’cause it’s like a lot of champagne, honey, that’s all I’m gonna say. Wow. How generous. So there’s a picture of you goin’ to a laundromat. (Lea laughing) And I saw it in Us Magazine. You know that area in Us Weekly, it says, Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us. Celebrities are just like us, yet they’re different, but they do things like us, it’s crazy. (audience laughing) I find it really endearing, ’cause like you said, you got money in the bank, a steady career, you don’t have to do your own laundry, look at you hoofing. I live in Brooklyn, I live in Brooklyn and it’s unlike Manhattan, Brooklyn, BK, all the way.
(audience cheering) In Manhattan, they pick up and deliver, in Brooklyn, they just do not. Really?
(audience laughing) And I’m an incredibly independent person, I don’t think you can tell that, but I’m a incredibly independent person and I just think it’s really, that’s not a good look on me, I think it’s really stupid to hire someone to pick out your clothes, to take your laundry and drop it off, and you know, like that. I do my own grocery shopping, I do all of that stuff. Wait a minute, but though, this also has to do with age. Age is relative, like, how old were you when you got your first big role and you were able to like handle yourself like that? That would’ve been 1993, so what was I, 35? See?
Yeah. You weren’t 15, she wasn’t 15 or 10, so you were already self-suffi, like you knew a bit about how to write your own checks and fluff and fold your own laundry. Right, I think you said self-sufficient, I would say, controlling. (audience laughing) Even better. Controlling, terribly controlling, yeah. Well, that’s a common thread through your life. Of me being controlling, yes. (Lea and audience laughing) Ask any of my exes. I was gonna ask you. Like, how do you keep loving your life with such a controlling behavior? Tell you what, I’ve grown up, I’m learning, I think that’s important, I think we should all be present. Even at 61, there’s still more growing to do. Absolutely.
By the way, I would never guess, I told you that before, you moisturize and keep it, I would never guess.
(audience clapping) I gotta tell ya, it’s really good genes. Both of my parents look 10 years younger than they were to the day they died, I assure you, it is not me taking care of myself. Oh yeah. Ask anybody at the Cubbyhole at four o’clock in the morning. So you need to immediately be with a submissive girl, you can’t be with somebody who– I think submissive is harsh. I like a high fem, I like fems. I like, your front row is killing me right now, I’m just…
(audience cheering) Okay, well now, hold on, hold on. I’m telling you.
Before I ask you to pick her up,
They are working my last, you are working my last gay nerve, ladies. (audience clapping) The last time Lea was here, you actually picked out a girl that you would’ve left the show with. I’ll leave with the front row. (audience cheering) Who’s your favorite, though? If you could only have one.
Oh, don’t put me on the spot I’m a gentleman. The girl with no shoulders. Well, it’s hard to ignore that, Exactly. but they’re all absolutely stunning. Did you stack this audience for me, is that what it is? This is how they come. This is how they come.
(audience applauding) I love them. Okay, gay boy in the cape, loving that. Over here is another gay boy in a turban. We have gay boy bookings in the audience, ladies and gentleman. Oh my God, and the gloves, look at the gloves.
Exactly. I can’t.
These are our people. Definitely. Yeah, all right. You are the personification of New York City, you really are. I’m here.
Yeah, yeah, no, you are it, girl, I’m just sayin’, love it.
Thank you, Lea. Thank you.
(audience cheering) All right, let’s talk about your show, and you really have to, the show has not come on yet, but you must explain it gently to us so we understand what we’re about to watch. I can do that. First and foremost, it is a revenge tale, okay? Okay, we like that.
That takes place in a world that you’re not really quite sure where it is. Like, we’re all dressed in ’50s and ’60s but there are flip phones and we drive rat rides, and we do this, like, you can’t quite tell, you know what I mean? So it’s a very interesting, same way, set decoration, all of that. If Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch had a baby, it would be this television show. So it’s a gangsta type– Yeah, I’m a member of a club called The Banished Brawlers. Sorry, a gang, not a club. But I also do this, did you see? Is that you?
Put the red number up, put the red number up. There, look at that.
(audience cheering) Oh. I know these two gay boys are jealous of that outfit, honey. I’m tellin’ ya, look at that, isn’t that gorgeous? So my character is called Queeny and she runs the Bangarang, which is for last of a better world, word I mean, we call it a burlesque, and she’s the queen of the burlesque. She choreographs the show, she picks the pinup girls that dance in it. So I get to sing and dance and do that like I do when I’m in a Broadway show. And then when I’m offstage, I look like the character you saw in the first clip, I look like a butch dyke and I drive this fantastic, fantastic rat ride. I think we got a picture of it, look at that car. Wow. Look at that car.
(audience clapping) I named her Gladys. Gladys.
Her name is Gladys. I love when you come by, you’re so much fun. Oh, I just love being here with you. Thank you. Have me back every week, I love being here.
Lea DeLaria, everybody. Reprisal is her show, it starts streaming on Hulu December 6th. Up next, holiday gift ideas, don’t go far. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) I love you, bless you. You can feel all these and leave ’em stuck in the dresser. I feel like (mumbling). So stupid.
I know. Okay, the holidays are here, so it’s time to do some shopping for the people that you love, or yourself, (Sadie giggling) and here with some affordable gifts to bring you joy is our old friend Sadie Murray, welcome back.
Hi, thank you. Yay! Sadie, let’s get to it, what do we have? Okay, so if you love great deals and discovering fantastic new products that make you feel good, look amazing, you have to check out Joyus. They are just amazing, okay? They scour the globe to find the most exciting products that are delivered straight to your home. Okay, so let’s start.
And also, the wallet. Oh yeah, they’re real good on the wallet. Okay so let’s start with the traveler in your life. Oh this is it.
This is amazing. This is the hanging luggage shelf two-pack, isn’t this so great? I know. So this has two best selling shelves.
This is better than the dresser, how many times do you leave a hotel and you forgot stuff in the dresser? And the worst part is like unpacking and packing, it’s just so annoying. Or sharing the germs with the people who were already checked in before you.
Exactly. Okay, so this is actually amazing, this is the solution, you just lift it up, Okay, lift.
then you lift. Oh, the laundry bag is out here. On the bottom, you just lift it up, then you go and you hang it on your closet or the door. You see this? Then after, it collapses, really tight, gets down there, and then it makes unpacking and packing a total breeze. Best part, though, the price? 79.99. It hangs from these.
(audience cheering) Do you see that?
It hangs from the hangers, this is good. This is it? This is it. 79.99? This is in my retail
It’s worth it. closet right now, I love it.
It’s worth it. Okay, let’s move on to the fashionista. I feel like that’s us a little bit. Do I smell diamonds? Oh, you are so good.
(audience cheering) This is the Diamond T bracelet. It’s amazing because, if you see down here,
It looks really Tiffany, it’s really pretty. It’s got two clear natural diamonds and then it has a brass-plated rose gold bengal. It’s designed to fit every wrist size, it comes with a product certificate, and also, a polishing cloth, but you guys, you do not even know this, this is amazing. The price, 59.99. (audience cheering) For diamonds.
Oh my gosh. I know, how gorgeous is that? Gorgeous enough to keep.
I mean, it kind of matches, I think you should keep it. Okay, let’s move on for the homebody. Wow.
I like this one. Yes, sheets, we love the sheets. Okay, this is the Bamboo six-piece luxury set. These feel really good. How amazing is it when you just slip into your ultra soft sheets at the end of the night.
They have a really good thread count, you can tell.
Yes, okay, so but this, you can enjoy them night after night without spending a fortune on the high thread count because the Bamboo blend is actually cooling, it’s hypoallergenic, and it’s also more eco-friendly than most other sheets. Comes in a full, queen, king, up to 39.99. Are you serious?
I know. For a set?
Feel this. I’m feeling.
For a six-piece set, it’s amazing. Oh, treat yourself, come on.
Treat yourself. Okay, let’s move on to the tween. They’re always so hard to buy for. No, I heard that earbuds are the biggest gift of the holiday. But you guys,
like literally. why are you going to spend like a fortune on the AirPods when you can get these high-tech earbuds. These are the AirSounds Pro. They have similar design and functionality. They don’t have a string with them?
Check this out, here. No string, get this. Also, they are Siri and Google Assistant compatible. Oh, you’re smart.
I know, love that. They are water-resistant, and they also, my favorite part, they have a battery status so that they let you know when you’re running out, so you don’t run out of juice at the wrong time. Like it’s always when you’re on the plane, right? When they take off, you’re like, “What?” So this is amazing.
(audience clapping) 34.99.
That’s it? Yes. I know, that’s what I’m sayin’, amazing price.
That’s a good one. Sadie, what’s this? This is it, you’re taking it home right now. Is this a microphone? This is a some microphone, I know you love your mic. Wait. This is for the athlete in your life. Athlete?
This is the Vortex Massager. Are you seeing her hand shake? Okay, this is better,
Oh my God. this is amazing. It is actually the next closest thing to a real massage therapist in your life. Yeah, girl. Okay, what’s (giggling).
(audience laughing) So this advanced massager is so amazing because it utilizes vibration, vibration therapy that causes your aches,
This is good. your muscle pain, your soreness. You guys, I might just stay here for the rest of the segment, I’m enjoying my life right now. Look, and you can do it to yourself. So good. I love it. This is an amazing deal, so 169.99. You won’t even need to go to the spa anymore, No, no, no.
you’re just gonna sit at home, right?
Do you see how this is thudding my good body?
No, honestly, you realize things shake were you didn’t know they were shakin’. Look at here. You don’t need a spa anymore. No.
How much? This is 169.99. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna take this to Florida with me.
Okay, let’s move on. It’s gonna be family activity (Sadie laughing) while we’re waiting for the food to get finished. The next gift is for everyone in your family, you’re gonna love this. This is the
Mm, this is fresh. AquaSonic Black Series toothbrush and travel case. Now what happens? So you wanna give the gift of a great smile. You can forget about the regular toothbrush, this one will have you brushing your teeth like a pro and it’s so easy.
Stiff too. It has 40,000 vibrations per minute, I know. Helps dissolve the stains,
We need to send on to Mel. white, oh.
(audience laughing) She would probably, this would suit all her needs, right? Oh okay, what’s awesome, though, after you have all that, it gets your teeth even whiter. I also love the fact that it has eight That’s what I was gonna ask you.
Brush heads, so it will last you so long, it’s so amazing.
A lifetime. I know.
How much is this? So this one is only 35.99. What?
I know. Great.
(audience clapping) Listen Sadie,
I know, good stuff. you’ve delivered again, give it up for Sadie and don’t miss these deals. You gotta go to before they sell out, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo. Welcome back. Time for Ask Wendy,
Woo, woo, everybody have a seat except for you. How are you, Wendy? How are you? How you doin’?
How you doin’? Are you having a good time? I am having a wonderful time, thank you.
Terrific. So what’s your name, where you from, what do you do and how can I help? I am Pat from New Jersey, I’m a building manager for a condo, and I have an intimacy question for you. Okay, okay, oh boy. I’ve been with my guy for a long time, 20-plus years, gained a lot of weight, he lost a ton of weight. Everything he lost, I found. Okay.
(audience laughing) But I wanna have that great hot sex we used to have, but I don’t wanna kill the guy. So I’m wondering
(audience laughing) what you think we should do. Well you can always play the bottom. I could.
(audience laughing) You know what I mean? Do you feel like you want to lose weight? Or do you feel happy?
Not anymore. Not anymore. So you’re happy with the way you are, and he’s not complaining. No, but he’s crushed (laughing).
(audience laughing) You wanna know what? Even when men are smaller than us, they’re still stronger than us. Like, you ever have small man pick you up and throw ’em. I know men smaller than me who could do the job, you know what I mean?
True, true, so I gotta give him more credit. That’s right, don’t get caught up. He’s still a man and they’re built stronger than us, even when we look bigger than them. Sounds good, thank you very much.
Good for you. Thank you. Oh, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. (upbeat music) Woo, woo, woo, woo, So good.
Woo, woo. Okay, it’s time to play Drop It Like it’s Hot Topics, let’s meet our player. So what’s your name? How you doin’, Wendy?
How you doin’? I’m doing pretty good, my name’s Christina, I’m from Philadelphia, and I’m a police officer. A police officer.
(audience cheering) I would have never guessed that ’cause you got a squeakier voice like, “Put your hands in the air.” (audience laughing) Okay. Well welcome from Philly. Listen Christina, we have $1500, I mean, you could get it, all right? So are you ready to drop it like it’s hot? I’m ready, woo!
(audience cheering) All right, hit the music, let’s go. ♪ Drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ When the pigs try to get at you ♪ ♪ Park it like it’s hot ♪ (slot machine pinging) $500 on Rihanna. All right, how many number one hits does Rihanna have? 11, 14 or (burping) oh. (audience laughing) or 19. Hmm, 14. (bell dinging) There you go. Woo!
(audience cheering) That is correct. Hey, congratulations, copper. Thank you. Whatcha gonna do with the money? I’m going on a shopping spree with my daughter. There you go.
(audience cheering) we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Woo, woo. (grand music)
(audience cheering) All right, we’re back and we’re playing What the Flick. Who are you, where you from, what do you do? Hi, I’m Jaclyn from Brooklyn. How you doin’?
How you doin’? I’m a chef and a married mom of four. Perfect, okay. So I’m gonna show you a photo and all you have to do is guess what movie it’s from, don’t help her. All right, let’s see the flick, go. Oh, this is one of my son and mine’s favorite, when he was a little boy, we rent and saw it like three times and I love the start. “Paul Blart.” Yes.
(bell dinging) Yes, “Paul Blart.” Okay, okay, here’s the second one. One of my favorites, every time it comes on, I watch. Okay.
Okay. I think I need a hint, Wendy. Okay. It came out in 1997. Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox. An iconic movie about a Chicago family in goody, yeah!
“Soul Food?” Woo!
There you go. Woo! A 60-minute massage at Haven Spa, we’ll be right back. Yes! (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. ♪ You doin ♪ I gotta tell you something. First of all, I wanna, everybody have a seat. I want a shout out to our show’s lawyer lady, her name is Jenn Klear. She gave birth to her daughter Zoe. Aww. Uh, uh, excuse me. Allegedly.
(audience laughing) Always forced so we can say that word. Jenn, hurry back because right now, you left us with no lawyer, so hopefully everything is legally on top. (audience laughing) No, we got somebody else from the firm, but hurry up back and congratulations, and how you doin’, Zoe? All right, also I wanna thank my guest and my studio audience, my co-hosts. (audience cheering) I love you for watching, Happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you next time on “Wendy,” bye. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) How you doin’? Nice. (grand music)

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