Welcome to our Channel! I’m Surf and I’m
Turf! We’re here to show you the world from the highest mountains to the deepest seas in our travel guides with tips, reviews and recommendations! That’s right,
we’re here to show you how to do within your budget and if it’s anything like
our budget its about that big. If you are short on time check out my 60 second vacation and see highlights from everywhere we’v been. If you’re a gearhead like me then check out my Tech
Talk with Turf where we’re gonna talk about photography cinematography videography
aerial photography and any other ..ography I can get my hands on and with that dislike, unsubscribe.. No, no, no! Please like, subscribe, and share our videos with all your friends. That’s right, okay and if you are a subscriber make sure to
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you guys and show you what the world has to offer. So with that… Welcome to the
World !!!

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  1. Good to meet you! We show off the USA parks and public lands. Thanks for your excitement. We are happy to follow along.

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    Plz subscribe my channel …. I also subscribed your channel

  3. thank you for your comment. I have subscribed to the channel. Please get along well.❤️❤️beautiful channel❤️

  4. Hello Friends ? Welcome and greetings from Sardinia-Italy ??? new here ??????? beautiful week for you and strong hugs!??

  5. like 30 I have submitted your channel. Thank you Dear friend &welcome to you on my channel. Love from Truth. ☺???????????????

  6. Hi, I like your videos and channel. Your doing great on vlogging!!! Keep it up?? Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe my channel too. Turn on your notifications bell ? now to update you with my new videos I upload.. I hope your doing the same As I did!! Thank you♥️

  7. Awesome channel, I just subscribed! You guys travel to some amazing places! Way to follow your dreams and thanks for sharing. Check out my channel as well, we are starting to document new adventures with our 3 kids. Thanks.

  8. Hey guys, I am so glad you found our channel. I think we are going to be good friends. Keep up the amazing work my friend. It was so sweet of you to come by our channel and view our videos. We truly thank you for that. Hugs and Kisses CM

  9. Great video. I already push the golden buzzer. New friend here. Small youtubers need helping hand just message and press the button 100% I will return the favor.

  10. Love the intro video guys!!! Love it, sooo energetic and happy! If I could, I would subscribe again but I already am!!! 🙂

  11. Excellent intro! So glad I ran into you in the live stream. Looking forward to connecting with you ?

  12. How are you today?
    Here is south Korea. I'm glad to meet you.?????????
    Thanks showing your video. I watched your video full.???
    See you again.Warm greeting. ?❤?

  13. Nice channel guys! I quickly clicked and subbed! I support your channel. Hope you also chevk my channel out and let's be connected.
    Greetings from the Philippines?

  14. Sounds like a fantastic informative channel… Looking forward to more ..I'll catch up with a few for now x

  15. You guys are so fun to watch. So much energy. We can't wait to see more of your videos. Glad we found your channel. New subscribers ? The Little Minimalists.

  16. Wow great chanel hi I'm new friend here thanks for sharing this video god bless hope you hit me back thanks

  17. Thanks for sharing this video. Have a great day. Your friend1474 here wishing you well and wanting you to stay connected always. thank you!

  18. Loved this and your energy was amazing 😀 We are new to the vlogging scene and are planning on traveling for 9 months leaving next month! Would love it if you could check out our channel too. Looking forward to watching more of your videos 😀

  19. Hi gorgeous sis and handsome brother nice to meet u here
    I watch ur video fully stay connected God bless u both ???

  20. Love the intro guys, ❤? we also love to travel so will keep in touch. ???? love from the Looney Mooney crew???

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  22. 01/09/2019
    Good one guys !!!
    Let's Surf
    Thx for ur invite.✌?
    Expat.Thai living oversea..
    Payai Perry ( New Zealand )
    PS; subscribe completed .?

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