We’re A Snowboard Company Eliminating Gender Barriers | My Shopify Business Story

Over the last couple of years we’ve just
been noticing that gender lines have been really blurred different unisex
lines that are just kind of this is what it is like cars you don’t get it like a
girls version of of the cars so it just made sense for us to like make a leap of
faith and just gonna go we just have one collection for everyone. My name is Max
Janki and I’m one of the founders of Endeavor Snowboards. So I started snowboarding when I was 12, I just knew that this was like a feeling that like I absolutely loved. Turning my passion for snowboarding into a career was just part
of my plan so got our crew of friends together and we were like let’s start a
brand that kind of represents what we’re into. Over the past 17 product lines
we’ve always had a women’s specific line but then we’ve noticed that unisex has
just really been replacing men’s and women’s lines actually out of personal
experiences if I have our kids coming up and I had no boards to ride in like
super small sizes and we were seeing that my little guy could easily get on
the girls boards but he didn’t want to get on a girl’s board so instead of
three boards and we now have the entire range of boards which is ten boards
available to younger lighter weight riders and females to be able to go on.
So when we launched unisex boards a lot of our shops are like I think you’re
making a big mistake that’s normal we hear that a lot and whether it decreased
our sales or confuse some people so be it. It’s pretty cool to be able to give
my feedback my research my development into a board that is appropriate for
everyone I think that being able to reflect that in the snowboard industry
is really important. The best thing is seeing lighter riders
and girls riding boards that they never wrote before because they thought they
were men’s boards we came up with the slogan ‘always endeavor’ which means
always try and it’s really like an earnest effort to do something perfect
so we we always strive to always endeavor and everything that we do.

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