Wet Traveler Ep.03 #GoDiscover Surfing Lhoknga, Aceh

Indonesia is a country with huge archipelago.
Every corner of it is so beautiful My dream is to #GoDiscover all surf points in every outermost point Because only by doing it we will have many new experiences. Don’t be afreid to #GoDiscover At the most southern point, I already tried surfing in Rote.
Ah, how I miss that place. I haven’t try any northern area to surf.
Hope someday I will have an opportunity. So, the most western point, I will be able to #GoDiscover Aceh Aceh is my dads’ hometown.
Always had a special bond even though its not the place I was born A city that I often mention, but occasionally visit. That even when I was little. It’s time to #GoDiscover Aceh We spare some time to walk around.
After the tsunami, Aceh were built by multi nations This is what I’ve been waiting for, the Aceh coffee! My favorite is Sanger coffee, have you ever try it? The name SANGER means SAma-sama meNGERti (‘understand each other’). Came from a story: there was a student
who wants to enjoy a delicious coffee with milk but with a cheap price. The mixture is standard. Just 1/8 cup of milk,
the remaining is filtered coffee. Very nice! It’s been a long time i wanted to try to lift the coffee filter. The shape is cute, like socks.
and turned out it is very heavy! Welcome to Lhoknga. Not too far from Banda Aceh,
only about 30 minutes driving. Well, one thing you should #GoDiscover
while you are here is to meet Yudi Back then there’s no lodging here, then I provided one.
We all lived in my house. Uncrowded, No one knew we have surf spots here. Secret, we didn’t tell others. Only our friends. Mouth to mouth. Now, it’s already on the internet
so there’s many information about surfing in Aceh. The other lodging owner are not surfer,
so most of the guest come to my place, they can have more information about waves and wind. I also promote trough Asian competitions that I participate in Thailand, Malaysia.
Met friends and tell them we have waves. Come and surf here. Tadaaaa….. finally we reached the Lhoknga beach! I wont be surfing alone.
Many local surfer friends who would gladly accompany me surfing. Let’s #GoDiscover Lhoknga I really like the waves in Lhoknga.
The form is perfect and the water was really clear! Because we had good waves, we play in two spots.
Its name is “The Left”, full of actions with many barrels. The other named “A Frame”. Cool name.
Well, here you can take left or right. The waves character here is fast because the floor is reef.
It’s safer to surf when the tide is not too low. For those who are still learning, there is a place, which has sandy bottom.
Within the same area but a little further. Unnoticed it’s already late.
Ah, I already missed Aceh. I will surely be back here.

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  1. Good job 🙂 I really liked. Btw I also surf the players and it would mean a lot to me if you can dinghy * with me, your time to Aceh … Have a nice day 🙂

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