What I Learned Getting My A** Kicked Surfing in Costa Rica

What is up Jeremy Sherk here, coming at you
from Costa Rica. Look at this view behind me, absolutely beautiful. I am going to turn this way though because
then the sun’s not behind me. That’s better. First time in this country. Spent the last ten days here on a business
trip, mixed some pleasure in with it and actually surfed for the very first time in my life. I’ve gone twice now I’m going to go a third
time tomorrow before I fly back to Vancouver, and what an experience. I mean, I’ve snowboarded before, I’m a I’m
a pretty decent snowboarder. I like to think I can hold my own on the mountain
and I thought some of that would apply here out in the ocean but, I was totally wrong. I have a newfound respect for surfing and
you know the people dedicated themselves to becoming better. Really I ended up catching a few waves and
then getting flailed around out there in the ocean. It was a great experience I got my ass kicked
overall and I want to can’t wait to go again. And I was thinking about, some of the deeper
lessons, I took from that experience and it could help you on your journey to becoming
successful, becoming an entrepreneur, you know living the life you want at the end of
the day. That’s what my videos are about. Really sharing with you what I’ve learned,
so you can live the life you want on your terms, you know and have the freedom that
you want to have. And how is this relevant to you? How does this apply to you? Let me tell you how it applies to you. So many of us, especially as we get older,
we’re afraid to go through those rookie stages. We’re afraid to try new things because; we
don’t want to go through those beginning stages. We don’t want to humiliate ourselves, we don’t
want to get our ass kicked, we don’t want to get smacked around by life or the experience
and looking foolish, looking like an idiot. And that holds us back and that’s a terrible
thing. That is a terrible thing to let happen to
you. You know a lot of people might ask how long
would it take to get surfing. You know, I want to start surfing. How long is it going to take to get good? How long is it going to take to lose weight? How long is it going to take to get a six
pack? How long is it going to take to make money
at what it is I’m doing? And of course you want to be mindful of what
you’re embarking upon, and what the timeline might be. But I think that’s the wrong place to be coming
from. You don’t want to be asking yourself how long
is it going to take to get good. Because that implies that you are being inconvenienced
by, or are unwilling to really do the hard things to get better. Not, “Oh, How long do I have to put up with
this? How long do I have to put up with getting
my ass kicked by waves”… oh there’s someone out there. Ooh! I love it, I love it. And yeah maybe you’re saying “Well I want
it now Jeremy. I want it now I don’t want to do the work.” You know what? You won’t appreciate it anyways. If something comes easy, you’ll appreciate
it for a couple weeks, but you won’t value it. It’s the work, it’s the effort we put in that
makes things worthwhile that makes things valuable. There’s a great quote sick by Sigmund Freud,
one of my favorites. “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle
will strike you as the most beautiful.” And I know that firsthand. I know that firsthand with myself. Anything I’ve worked towards, anything I’ve
accomplished, it’s always earlier stages when I was on the brink of like failure. When I was getting my ass kicked, when I was
getting pounded down by life or opposition. Those are the things that make it the sweetest. Those are the things that make it the most
worthwhile. So choose the path you want for yourself,
then get out there, and embrace. Embrace the difficulty, the opposition, and
the hard times and stop thinking about when is this going to end. I’m going surfing tomorrow. I’m going to get my ass kicked. And maybe I’ll catch a wave or two. But the whole experience is worthwhile. So I hope this hits home with you guys. I hope I’m not making you dizzy going in circles
here, but this water’s coming right up on me. I hope this hits home. Whatever it is you’re doing, embrace that
difficulty. If you want to try something new don’t let
the rookie stage determine whether you do it or you don’t. Dive in. Get started. Make shit happen. As always guys thanks for watching, thanks
for subscribing. Please leave a comment below. Crush that Like button. I love the engagement, and will talk to you
soon. OK. Pura Vida from Costa Rica.

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