What it Takes to Film a Skateboarding Video Part – Chapter 1

Yoda is way too big in Hollywood When you only have two weeks, things work a bit different compared to having three years. That means, you think about what spots you can skate, where you can do something. Made the trick. Not kicked out. I want to skate there just like I do in Europe, but it’s not that easy. I only want to skate the spots that I really like, but a lot of them are pretty much killed already. Then you can only hope, you don’t get busted, and for that you always need a bit of luck. New York is really special. There’s no other place in America like New York. I’m excited to be in a city where you can skate almost everywhere and there is a spot on every corner. Next Spot! Today was a good day – I wish I could say that more often. First try… Broken hand… My hand hurts and I can’t move it. I’m a bit scared that it’s something bad. I’m broken. Worst case scenario: You need to have surgery. I’m flying back home… …today after 3 or 4 days of skating. I definitely want to come back. It’s awesome here.

39 thoughts on “What it Takes to Film a Skateboarding Video Part – Chapter 1”

  1. ahhhh fuck!!! got halfway thru and went to post a not so nice comment then seen the description!! lol PRESS CC FOR SUBTITLES!! 🙂

  2. I love that these videos reminds of people behind the tapes all that work all those hours for nearly 5 minutes of enjoy but i jut love it the filming the editing the friend the I can't tell just keep on filming

  3. What you need to film a video part in 2016:
    1: Wallies/No-Comply Tricks
    2: A GoPro Sponsor
    4: Music that doesn't fit the video unless you're Shane O'neill
    5: More Wallies
    6: A few Lens Hits

  4. I can sum up making a video in 3 sentences: Make sure to have fun, meet up with friends and enjoy it! Angles are really important, make sure you're getting an angle that compliments your skaters trick and is easy to watch. For music you want something that fits your skating EG if you're chilling with friends use something chill like The Shakedown. Hope this helped!

  5. This would be my dream job i just wish i could kinda have like a mentor that could tell me exactly what it takes to get video to a major company or photos to a magazine, and how much they make, etc.. I understand there's tons of competition but the heavy hitters all had to start somewhere.. Someone please help clarify some things for me bc i could really see myself doing this as a career for the rest of my life

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