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[Theme Show Music] The Ramblin’ Wreck came to Georgia Tech’s
campus in 1961. Do in large part to the efforts are
Dean Dull who was the Dean of Students at that time. During the late 1950s Dull have been
looking for a symbol to kind of unify the Georgia Tech community. Something that harken back to engineering
past and then also something that would serve as a physical presence on Georgia Tech’s campus As this was and before Buzz before the Yellow Jacket really became a mascot. We try to make it to every Georgia Tech
official event. So definitely a convocation
and graduation were always there. because it is the student’s mascot me try to
make it available for students to see it. There’s a couple of other situations that
are more specific to the drivers. And probably the most famous or the
most well known is that each driver replaces three parts on the car and those
are the only three parts that really change from year to year The three are the pents in the
front they always say To Hell with Georgia and Give ‘Em Hell Tech The hood ornament, which is for me it’s a
quail, but its, there’s a couple other ones you can choose from. And then also the running boards on
the sides of the silver plates. So each driver keeps those as
kinda of a memento from all of the appearances and all of the events that she goes to. One of my favorite memories is actually getting the chance to meet up with congressman Phil Gingrey. Man, he actually was one of the drivers in 1963. You know, it really made my day when me
walked out of the front of his office and he saw the Ramblin’ Wreck sitting there and you know, we took him for a ride around
Marietta and I we took him to his house and he showed his wife and everything like that. And he was so enthralled to see it, and that really made my time as driver so far, at least.>>Let’s welcome
America’s favorite mascot, Buzz!>>When I was Buzz one of the things that I
remembered that… Some of my favorite moments one was, I think I could safely say that I start, started the crowd surfing. And that was a really a wild feeling just totally trusting all the Georgia Tech
fans in surfing up the stands and hoping somebody’s gonna catch you
when you got to the top and send you back down. That was certainly a
favorite memory of mine and a second favorite memory would’ve been standing in the middle
of Grant Field when the wave was really popular and
getting to lead the way, even watch the wave as it went all the way
around Grant Field. When I look back certainly when I was
Buzz in 1981 it was Buzz’s, it was only a second year
so there wasn’t a lot of history. When I look back now and think, after 30 Buzzes almost, it seems like… I really think back and say wow I was
really part of something that makes me very proud, I wish I could’ve really appreciated more at the time. I just know at the time I had a great
amount of fun. But basically being Buzz was the
total embodiment of my Tech experience. Traveling with the cheerleaders and
always being at every basketball game, every football game. And I just can’t imagine having the Tech
experience not having had done that.>>Any time you you get into the Buzz
costume it’s going to be memorable for one reason or another. And a lot of the time it has to do
with after the costume comes off in the next morning you wake up and
you end up with all these mystery injuries the bruises on your shins and knees and back anything that you may have run into
while you were in custome. You can’t help but to enjoy the fun that comes with all the adventure that you have in a costume. I believe it started in, and I could be corrected, but, doctor Richie Bland, obviously not a doctor the time, when he was a student Georgia Tech,
but I think it was 1978. If remember the story right his
sister was a UGA student and while he had gone to visit his older sister at
school someone gave him a hard time, being a George Tech student, saying that, you know, our mascot was a car and so he took it upon himself to
come up with a very first Buzz costume. He had it made, and he started streaking
some Georgia Tech events and all the students were wondering, who is this guy. And, it picked up, but it took a year or two before
it became something more official. Probably the most memorable
experience in the whole career I had while I was dressed up was… an alignment that happened because I’d started to jump out of
airplanes in a George Tech parachute club. Started that my freshman year, and then
not too long after getting in the club, and learning how to skydive, and getting a license to do that. I was selected to start dressing as Buzz and of course the moment that those two things happened I thought, I’ve gotta do it! I don’t know how but I’m gonna jump out
of a plane in that costume. I ended up making three jumps onto the
campus in ’96 and ’97. The first one was into the baseball stadium,
brought in a game ball, landed right around second base and
ran into home plate. And then the second was the inauguration
of the big green field over by the Student Athletic Complex. And the last one in something like
October – November of ’97. We did the final Bobby Dodd jump I actually jumped out of a plane about 4 or 5,000 feet and landed right in the middle of Bobby Dodd. Jettison the parachute, ran into the
goal post, came back and spiked the football that I was carrying. That made it onto, I think ABC Sports. It was pretty neat! Pretty neat memory from not only being
Buzz but here at Tech. I don’t think anyone’s ever gonna try
that again. [Laughs] [Music mixed with dog barking]>>Sideways was actually taken care of by one
of the custodial employees a man named Renfro. Of course the dog was fed far more than any
dog could possibly have eaten. And I’m surprised that we didn’t’ attract
every stray dog in the neighborhood. [Laughing] But he was a funny little dog who
actually did walk sideways, hence his name. Became the pet of the naval ROTC, as shown up in several legends.>>Most of the time he spent it around the bookstore ’cause there were a lot of students there and they come out with stuff and feed him. See, he was pretty smart.>>It was some sort of small terrier dog
and he actually ran sideways. See, he ran like he, like an automobile that’s
been knocked out of line. He ran sideways and we called him
sideways and he lived on the campus in… I don’t know where particularly but he was there
and he’d greet you walking up the steps and towards the administration building from
North Avenue down by the football field. [Music]>>During my years at Georgia Tech there
was some talk about Bruin but he certainly was talked about that much
by the time I got there we didn’t really much know about the history
of Bruin the bear. [Typewriter sound FX] [Typewriter sound FX] [Music}>>George P. Burdell, I’ve heard he’s been
on campus pretty active recently. Definitely I’ve seen him out doing construction you know, over near the Stadium, near the AMC, in those renovations. I’ve also heard from some guys in FASET
that he’s a major donor at the University of Georgia Law School were they have
a program apparently of him up there.>>Yeah when, as a Tech student I certainly
remember all the many rumors about George P. Burdell. Guess the most common was that he
found the way to be registered for almost every class and certainly
go to the graduation ceremony every year.>>It’s really I guess growing as a nice… underground joke for all the Georgia
Tech Alumni you know, being a sporting event or even
the Super Bowl and hear over the PA system someone paging
George P. Burdell That, that’s just gotta put a a little
smirk on your face and I certainly would love to have buzz be raised up to that kinda
national notoriety. But I think everyone thinks of it, it’s just
a fun, spastic, little creative character and I was happy to certainly dress
in those shoes while I was here. [And you won’t believe a Yellow Jacket could fly.] [Music]

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